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budieoz 05-19-2015 08:12 PM

The dinner bell rings at 8 pm est........
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Well Oz finally is eating and adjusting to her home:D. She seems to be settling in as she chips much more now and I also notice 2 odd habits.........

1, seems she eats throughout the day and since she finally is eating regularly I notice that every night for the past 5 nights, she eats at 750 to 8 pm every night........ I wonder if she senses the sunset and wants to eat??? :budgie::budgie:

and the 2nd thing is her willingness ( or lack thereof) to want to come out and socialize. I clean her cage daily and when I do I invite her out and she just doesn't want to:(...............But, If I stick my hand in she comes to me, hops on and nibbles on my fingers (lightly) like shes playing....:rolleyes: she seems to like it when we talk baby talk to her and she likes to have her chest rubbed alot.. but she just does not like to come out and when she does she wont sit still.But when she is in her cage it is a different story as she loves the attention! If I stick my finger in to get her she hops on and then off on another perch and then waits for me to offer her to hop on again and she does!!!:D... it seems like a playful game she likes but she just doesn't like to perch on our shoulder or chair ir anywhere accept her cage. She has a elaborate cage nicely done and perhaps thats why?? >>>>>>> she is spoiled!!:argh:
Our goal is to try to get her to want to come out sit with us and be out of her home so far no luck........... any ideas??? :S

I am very grateful though when I stick my finger in her home she welcomes it and loves the chest rub thing............ she even opens her wings a bit so we rub there too.......... I would however, like her to want to socialize outside of her home... Could this be a age thing?? she is about 4 months old and we got her at a local pet store and I suspect she is a semi-tame budgie not hand fed...... Thanks everyone :budge::budge:

StarlingWings 05-19-2015 08:24 PM

Awesome progress with your little girl! :clap:
Budgies tend to have "dinner" like we do so they're full at night! It's so adorable she's adjusting to her schedule ;)

Don't worry about her coming out of her cage, my little girl LOVES her cage and used to not want to come out. Still, she only comes out when I have something she wants or she wants to terrorize the household or boss us around :giggle:
She'll come out in time--one one hand, it's a good thing she doesn't want to come out--I think she must really love her cage! :giggle:
If you really want her to come out, bribe her with millet or something she wants, it works like charm (most of the time) ;)

Budget baby 05-20-2015 11:37 PM

Your budgie is till quite young and it is sort of like a scary new world outside of her cage. Her cage is her safety and comfort.
Does she step up for you easily? If so hold some millet and get her to step up onto your finger then slowly move your hand out of the cage. I have a perch on the outside of the cage near the door for my birds they love sitting there and using it as a hop before they go back in perch.
Also get a small bird gym or make one place this on top of the cage and place her there. She will learn with time that it is safe outside as well as in her cage.

Niamhf 05-21-2015 07:31 AM

Oisin was so attached to his house also and it took the guts of a year before he was comfortable being out. For the first few months there was no way he would come out then very gradually I worked on moving my hand (with him on it) and holding it in the door frame, then bit by bit another step further until after a while a was able to walk over to the lounge with him on my hand - he still wasn't comfortable with the idea and would fly back after just a couple of minutes but eventually he came out of his shell and loved flying around with Noah and dancing on our heads and running along the bench top.
It's a slow but very rewarding process and you are making excellent progress so far :)

AnnaLou 05-25-2015 05:54 PM

Pippin is the same with her food times they are set. She also makes this cute little chirpy noise before she sets off for food time and chirps whilst she eats :)

The progress with your Oz allowing her to stroke you and sit on your finger is great! I can't do that with Pippin just yet as for going out, my girl will not even come to the front of her cage not even for millet! She's a timid one but we are getting there I've had her 3 months. If it takes a year so be it, it's so rewarding when you can see they are starting to trust you.

Here's hoping Oz finds the joys of outside soon :D

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