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Bogey 06-17-2015 01:41 PM

Question about first molt
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Hello, I've had my budgie for 6 weeks now and I'd like to report she's wonderful! We bought her from a local pet store that gets their birds from a local breeder, but they didn't know much about her. I knew she was young when we got her because she had the bars all the way down to her cere. She was pretty small, but she had all her feathers and was eating seeds and drinking water within minutes of bringing her home. From what all I've read here on the forum, I assumed she was probably around 3 months old when we got her and I've been expecting her to have her first molt since day 1. There have been the little white downy feathers here and there, but no pin feathers and no other changes as far as I can tell. She has gotten bigger, but she still has all the baby bars, no iris rings, and her cere looks about the same(maybe a bit more purple in color).

So what's the very youngest age she could have been when she was sold and what should I expect from the first baby molt? Is it possible she has already gone through this and I was just expecting to see more? Will the baby bars just disappear or will I see a visible change?

I spend most of the day with her and we are developing a nice bond. She eats a variety of foods including egg, sprouts, some vegetables and the occasional pellet. I bought her a little bathtub which she loves splashing around in, so I guess I've got all the bases covered. I just want to make sure I'm aware so I don't add any undue stress for her during her molting time.

I've attached a picture we took the day after we bought her, except for size she looks pretty much the same today.

FaeryBee 06-17-2015 01:51 PM

Your baby looks to be about 6-8 weeks old when you got her.

The first molt generally takes place at around 3-4 months old

With all my budgies, their first molt was fairly light then around 6 months of age they had the first of their major molts where they lost theire flight feathers, tail feathers and their appearance changed.

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