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Nebula21 06-24-2015 06:14 PM

what paint is safe for budgie toys
i have a few perches hanging on my ceiling, and im redecorating the room so id like to paint the perches white to match everything else in the room

i was just wondering if non-toxic kids paint would be safe just in case she does chew it?

if not, does anyone know of a particular brand that is bird/aviary safe?

Im in the UK so they would need to be UK brand of paint

thank you

FaeryBee 06-24-2015 10:30 PM


Any water-based paint will be safe to use.

I found this post by Kate C in an old forum thread. :D


Originally Posted by Kate C (Post 664500)
Any water based paint is safe around birds. I use them on my wire show cages as when they arrive they are just galvanized metal and the show standards says that the base must be gloss black and as you have to remove the galvanizing off the wire bars which makes them prone to rust I use chrome colour on the bars. They need touching up at the beginning of every season as they get chipped during the season. They come up a treat. I use spray cans as they are much easier to work with and don't leave brush marks on the base and the spray cans are a necessity on the wire bars.

But if you wish to leave the timber plain you can use a paint scraper to remove any poop and then soak in bleach solution to clean and disinfect it. This is what I do with the dowel perches in the show cages.

Didoushkaya 06-24-2015 10:51 PM

It took a little research but this is the summary of what I have found:

Danger to birds (as well as humans) resides in the volatile compounds. So Deborah and Kate C are right: water based paints are a better choice because they are low in VOC (volatile organic compounds).
However it looks like out it is latex-based water paints that have the lowest VOC, so make sure that it is what you choose.
Generally, look for VOC rating and make sure it is under 5 g/l of VOC.

Recently we had a bit of a scare in NZ when the government decided to test face paints that were sold in the country and found that MOST of them contained dangerous amounts of lead (yes, these are used primarily on children). So you see, you can't trust anyone these days ;)

In any case, the biggest danger with VOC is when they are knocking about in the air. So whatever you do, make sure that your birds are in another room as long as the paint is not completely dried and the room has been properly aired.

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