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Sixala 07-05-2015 02:20 AM

Vacation season
On Friday my aunt left her two budgies Lenny (blue) and Luna (albino) in my care.

They're in their seperate cage to my two babies and I let them crawl around seperated a bit frist to see if they accept each other. After a while I let them all out and it looks like they're getting along rather well! Which is nice.
With Lenny, Mila has someone to fly with, and since Luna isn't much of a flyer either Lenny and Mila went crazy on their first flight together, it was cute to watch!

Lenny is fine, even if his tail feathers are a bit... damaged. I was told that he was stepped on while he was still a baby, when the pet store he lived at was robbed. Lenny was the only animal left at the store, and the owner gave him to my aunt.

Lenny lived alone at my aunts for quite some time. He picked up some human speech as well. He's really into humans.

Then my aunt brought Ludwig as playmate for Lenny, they told me they didn't get along so I took Ludwig over (without fly ability and a runny nose...)

Now it seems like Ludwig and Lenny are getting along well!

Alright. Now to start with the troublesome baby...

I am worried about Luna. My Ludwig can't fly well as you all know, but with Luna it's a whole different story. She flies, but she seems to not be able to controll where she's going. She's the first one to fly to high and severel times hit the cieling (lightly) she seems to know she wants to land on the rope, but before she reaches it she makes a 180 turn and lands in the curtains again. Her flying sounds like hovering, it's enough to reach height (Ludwig just gently flies downwards, he can't get height). When I open the doors, Lenny is glad to get out and fly around and just enjoy outside time on branches and ropes with the others... Luna... Luna stays inside and swings (SHE CAN SWING HERSELF!) and eats... she eats very slowly so it seems like she eats all day. The way she eats worries me as well... She just pecks at air, gets her beak down and grinds it through the bowl till a corn gets stuck. At least it seems that way to me. I think she might be blind.

She won't react to your finger unless you touch her and she notices it's there. The way she's flying kinda confused also seems like she's blind... My aunt says there's no way because she eats? But she might simply know where the branches and food bowl are inside the cage...

Oh right, I meant to ask for Lunas gender. Her name will stay Luna since she... belongs to a 7 year old child...

After my aunts family left I checked on them more clearly. Lenny is fine. But Luna had one nostrill completly shut.. You can see it on the picture above, it's filled with orange. I took some warm water and a Q-Tip and peted it a bit. he was a brave little angel and let me take care of her. I also trimmed her claws a bit and tried to clean her feathers. Is it normal that white ones appear yellow? I am worried it's from to much cigarette smoke... I'm so glad I get to take care of these babies the next 3 weeks while my aunts family is on holiday, but I'll have to give them back... Luna has her eyes closed a lot, and she won't open her beak, She doesn't seem to accept any greens from me either, while Lenny eats them like a maniac. That's another thing that I think she's blind, she doesn't see them infront of her... so she just kinda ignores it. I tried to clean her a bit with warm water, since she also doesn't seem to like baths.

Another thing that really worries me is her pooper. When she came over I noticed poop hanging from it and I cleaned it with a bit warm water. ... Sadly a lot of feathers seem to be missing already.

My aunt said, don't let Luna fly, she's to stupid for it. She won't talk either, she's pretty much just a plastic bird.

She was at my place for a few hours and she did trill a bit! It sounded like she's being strangled though, a kind of scream coming in waves.
She was outside a bit, I made sure the curtains are closed so she wouldn't hit the window, but she kept hanging in them until she reached the ropes. Then she was chill and the others said hi. Mila tried to show her dominance and pecked a bit at her, Luna reacted late and just randomly pecked at the air... another factor for me thinking she's blind...

She only weights 30 gramm, Ludwig packs 36 gram, the other two are to afraid of the scale. She IS a lot smaller than Ludwig though.

I think I said enough for now. I will make sure to give these two a good vacation over here. They have a lot more room to fly, and maybe with a bit practise Luna will do a bit better as well.

aluz 07-05-2015 04:12 AM

I see you have a fuller house now with Luna and Lenny! :)

Luna is a female, I have no doubt whatsoever. In the photos you posted of Luna I'm only able to see one of her eyes, which appears to be good. I have had, bred and kept plenty of albinos/lutinos in the past and one of the things some of them had in common was the poor eyesight making them bad flyers.
From what I have experienced with some of mine was that they appeared to be more sensitive to the light during daytime, leaving them vulnerable while flying.
Luna is not blind, but the light can get in her way making it hard for her to properly see and to bump into things while flying. She can also see well the things close to her and not have the ability to see objects further away from her.
This is also one of the main reasons why I never bred a full Ino to Ino (albino with albino or lutino with albino or vice versa and lutino to lutino).

Luna is not a stupid budgie girl just because she has some limitations, if she is treated with love things are bound to improve. She closes her eyes because most likely she not feeling well, she has a clogged up nostril and may have problems in her vent and these should be discussed with an avian vet. Sick birds are also known to not sing when feeling unwell, even the males who love to sing.
I would advise to quarantine Luna and Lenny from your budgies, because you wouldn't want Mila and Ludwig to get whatever is bothering Luna at the moment.
A clogged up nostril can be sign of respiratory infection and that is contagious.

I have had a budgie who was really blind from one of her eyes, she was a dark green normal budgie, the first budgie my father got me as a child and she had a visible scar across her eye and the eye also had more of a whitish look to it, exactly the same when we see the eye of a blind person. Her other eye was good and healthy so she was only partially blind from one eye and lead a perfectly normal life.

deriksen 07-05-2015 04:50 AM

I'm sure you'll show the two guests a great time for their holiday. I'm sure some of the experienced members will be along with advice soon enough. All I can say is that all budgies are different in size. My own only measures 31g. She's not underweight, she's a very active bird, and she's extremely fit. She's about 10 months old and just happens to be a little bird :)

Pretty boy 07-05-2015 07:33 AM

A vacation at a Budgie Spa by the sounds :budgie
You could try some probiotics for her vent area, has she ever been wormed?
Luna is a lovely :budgie:budgie, I am so happy she is with you for a vacation she is not a plastic budgie by far.

Niamhf 07-05-2015 08:36 AM

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. You are certainly very in tune to the budgies and their needs and I'm really glad you picked up on Luna so quickly. I would definitely take her to an Avian vet to get checked out.
She is definitely not stupid either (I find that so disrespectful - I wish people could be more compassionate to their pets and animals in general). I'm glad they are in your care (Luna in particular) - do you think you could keep her?

StarlingWings 07-05-2015 02:33 PM

Sounds like you're taking wonderful care of them ;)

I agree that Luna should see an avian vet ASAP! I loved the pictures, sounds like they're having fun at their budgie resort vacation club :giggle:

FaeryBee 07-05-2015 05:01 PM


Please separate Luna from Lenny and Ludwig and take her to see the Avian Vet if there is any way you can do so.

It would be great if Luna and Lenny could stay with your and Ludwig permanently. I know you would give them the best of care and a happy life. :hug:

Hmmmm . . . maybe your little cousin would rather have a hamster than a budgie? :giggle:

Sixala 07-13-2015 12:46 PM

Im sorry for the late reply!

All 4 budgies are doing fine.
Luna is a lot more active as well. We visited a vet, she cleaned her noise and gave her drops. I also got 2 things to keep giving her. Next week is the time for another checkup.

Luna flies out of cage on her own and lands directly on the ropes. her poop isn't getting stuck all the time anymore either.

The other 3 are having parties.

Ludwigs wing situation didn't change much though, and it seems like he won't be able to fly again. Ah well, he can climb everywhere c: I made sure of that.

aluz 07-13-2015 12:55 PM

I'm glad things are going well and Luna's condition has improved, thanks for updating and taking such great care of your budgie visitors! :)

4711 07-13-2015 01:42 PM

ah, sorry, I zoned out looking at your manga collection! :o

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