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Bernard 07-09-2015 06:16 AM

magnet at home
Before I type this thread I have to admit that I made the terrible mistake of purchasing an unweaned chick at 21 days of age. At the time many people here told me to give it back to the breeder but out of worries about how the breeder might react and my own emotional attachment to the baby bird (selfishness), I kept it.

That bird is a little over 7 months now. Now I just want to make it clear here that I had had another budgie as an 8-year companion before. And I was used to coming home and maybe going to his cage and giving him a scratch on the head and basically going back to what you may do at home with my previous bird remaining in his corner on a perch or on or in his cage. However, with my new baby budgie it's an entirely different story. One of the reasons I'm typing this is for other less experienced people not to make the same mistake of getting a chick out of a nest box. Shiek (my baby bird) never gives us a second at home to ourselves. He is like magnet. Either on our shoulder or on our head. When we want to leave a room we have to slip our hand with him on it in the room from the outside put him on the inner door nob and shut the door. Once we're outside his flock calling starts. Nowadays, it's become a bit better. He stops after a minute or two. But I feel for the little one. All he wants is to be with us and it hurts to see him so desperate. And it's as if he listens intently to any sounds from us while we're gone because as soon as we're back he pounces on us at the door. I haven't watched a movie in daytime eversince because as soon as he sees you are paying attention to something else he jumps on my glasses or head to distract me.
I am pretty certain that 99% of these behaviours are because of him leaving his parents at a young age. I've even cancelled holidays for him because I'm hoping that he will only be like this in his first year. Still I made the mistake and I am ready to face the music. If it goes on for longer, I'll be there for him.

This post was both to share my first hand experience with the big mistake of getting an unweaned chick from the nest box and to see if the more experienced members can help me with 7-month-old Sheik.

nuxi 07-09-2015 06:23 AM

When you want to watch a movie can't you put the birdie in a small cage and place it near you? So he is with you but can't jump on your glasses or on your head.

aluz 07-09-2015 06:35 AM

If you have gotten him a budgie friend earlier on, most likely this obsessive behaviour would be diminished a great deal and he would be able to spend time on his cage without the constant demand of attention. I still think your Sheik could benefit a lot from having a same species friend, he is still young enough to accept a budgie friend and become more well adjusted in his behaviour.

Pretty boy 07-09-2015 06:53 AM

Bernard it takes a lot of courage to share this story as you have done I admire you for this.
I can remember the many threads and discussions we have had regarding Sheik.

I agree with Aluz , Sheik needs to find out he is actually a budgie, as much as you love him I think you now realize it isn't fair to him.
Rationally you can not put your life on hold for Sheik's needs.
He will always be close to you , Sheik is a little like my Budget who I hand reared also.
He was nearly dead when I brought him inside from the aviary.
He was the reason I joined TB and thankfully to the expert advice I received he is the budgie he is today.
Budget has benefitted greatly from my other two budgies who now live inside as well. They tolerate him and interact, they have taught him how to talk budgie, how to be part of a flock. he needs this please consider getting him a budgie friend .

FaeryBee 07-09-2015 07:53 AM

I appreciate you sharing your story with other members.

It is important people realize what happens when a baby budgie is not given the opportunity to interact with other budgies at a young age.
Learning to "be a budgie" is very important the bird's heatlh and well-being.

Sheik is still very young.
I believe getting him a friend would be the best thing for him as well as for your peace of mind.
Perhaps looking for a male that is a bit older and can teach Sheik about "budgie behavior" would be a good option under the circumstances. ;)

After the quarantine period and introducing the two in neutral territory, you will need to provide sessions of supervised out-of-cage time for awhile so Sheik can become familiar with the new arrangement.
Be prepared for Sheik to be jealous and territorial with the new budgie when you pay attention to it.

Work with Sheik using positive reinforcement training techniques to reward good behavior. It is not too late to re-train him and your efforts to do so will be worth it!

Best wishes!

Bernard 07-09-2015 01:55 PM

Thank you everyone for taking the time and reading my post.
We are considering getting a second budgie. But we're just a bit reluctant
because we don't know what having two birds free in the house will be like.

Personally, I don't believe in caging birds. The only time I put Sheik in a cage
is when he's getting sunlight. So I don't know how I could cope with 2 birds.

But I'm thinking it over.
Thanks for all your support

Pretty boy 07-10-2015 10:26 PM

Bernard I have three Budgies inside, FaeryBee has even more !
My budgies cages are kept open all day as well, they are only locked in when I go away for the day or visitors are coming for the budgies safety we do this.
I love watching my budgies interact they love the company of each other, they learn how to be a flock member, there is always the more dominant one This is important so they learn to respect and understand they are part of a flock. It is not much harder having three honestly , yes they do make some mess, and noise which I love hearing as it means they are happy. Also when I have to be somewhere else I feel confident and happy they can continue to be happy and friends with each other and not be wondering where has my flock gone ?

aluz 07-11-2015 03:45 AM

When taking in a pet, it is our job to do our very best when it comes to their overall health and happiness, even when that means making adjustments and come to terms with decisions that weren't at first in our plans.
We must do what is best for our pet's mental health and happiness. Their needs should come first.
By giving your Sheik a same species friend, you will be giving your beloved boy a chance to learn how to be a bird. Your relationship and interactions can also improve with time and with the help of a balanced and well adjusted budgie, Sheik's behaviour can also improve exponentially and you may end up with a perfect scenario. Your Sheik will continue to love you and be bonded to you, but his anxiety and clingingness will no longer be there, because he would have a friend to be with.
Your life can also improve, you'd be able to go out without a worry and watch your movies.

Bernard 07-12-2015 08:26 AM

Can it be a temporary thing or do I have to keep the other new bird?

Because my friend has a mature male bird and she has offered her support. We thought they could get together so Shiek can learn how to b a budgie.

Pretty boy 07-12-2015 08:33 AM

I definitely don't think that would be a good idea, imagine it like this. You are an only child and suddenly you get anew brother to play with and love and get close to. he is there for you to share fun and secrets and just hanging around. then one day you wake up and he is gone :eek: How would you feel ?
Sheik will be like that if you bring a bird in and then take it away, and then oh he's back again what is going on.

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