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kevingm 07-09-2015 03:39 PM

Afternoon naps?
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Hi, so today I noticed my budgie was entering her molt.. I decided I'd bathe her to ease the itching, and only placed a towel on the sides of her cage to make sure there wasn't a draft and she could dry off and be perfectly warm.

It's 2:33pm, and I've noticed she actually gets veryyyyy sleepy around 12pm-3pm and is always sort of falling asleep. Now with the towel "sort-of" on her cage, her eyes kept closing, she began grinding her beak, and even sat on one leg.. I had never actually seen a budgie do this so I was extremely worried for a second and went back to scratching her. I thought to myself, "wow this molt must really be making her itch"!

Well when I went back to scratch her and she wouldn't even let me touch her, she just kept moving back and forth so I gave up, but then I remembered that grinding her beak is actually a sign of contentment!

I put the towel over her cage a little more, she grinded her beak some more, began sitting on one one leg again, and let her take a nap after realizing how relaxed and happy she actually was..

Now I've read that a lot peoples budgies actually take naps during the day, but do you guys ever put the towel over them just to sort of let them sleep better and how long should you let them nap?

Also she tends to bend down, and spread her leg sometimes. It makes it very hard to pick her up, is that the purpose of it, and does she simply want me to stay away at that moment?

StarlingWings 07-09-2015 09:27 PM

My budgie takes regular naps around afternoon time, she also stands on one leg and grinds her beak like yours does, you're right that this means she is happy and relax. I don't cover my girl when she naps, and I just stay quiet-ish until she decides she wants to wake up.

I don't think she's standing like that because she's trying to make it difficult for you to pick her up, but I don't think you should reach into her cage and physically pick her up. Budgies hate being held and this could affect your relationship with her.


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