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thatonebirdguy 07-17-2015 03:14 AM

why don't my budgies preen me?
My budgies never preen me? i see other people getting preened by their budgies. I just don't feel like i have genuine relationship with my birds they only come to me for millet how do i get them to love me? they are not afraid of me so thats good but they just use me for millet so how do i get them to love me and preen me and stuff like that?

Pretty boy 07-17-2015 03:35 AM

Caleb, it takes budgies a long time to build up the trust and feeling safe with their human flock members. All budgies are different in how long it takes to become happy to be with you and preen you. The main thing is to spends as much time as you can with your budgie, Some never become this tame others do easily. Keep reading all you can and slowly move onto letting your budgies sit on you they will make the choice.:budgie:

aluz 07-17-2015 03:38 AM

For now it seems they only go to you for food and while they feel comfortable with you when they are eating their millet, you need to strengthen the bond with them.
I hardly use any food when training my birds, even recent arrivals.
I mostly use my voice, I praise them a lot when they are responding well to training and use my words in a very positive and encouraging way.
By reading the budgies body language I'm able to tell when I can go further in the bonding process, I would very gently use one of my fingers to give little beak rubs to them, they really love this. When they are accepting of our acts of affection towards them, they will be more willing to return the favour by preening us. Of course to reach this stage, they must have a whole lot of trust in us.

Also not all budgies will allow to be petted and wouldn't want to have that close of a bond with us that would want to make them preen us, especially when they have a same species buddy they can come to for all their preening needs. It's all a matter of personality and temperament.

All of my budgies have partners and I have a few that are very closely bonded to me and would willingly want to preen me while I have others that aren't that fond of being petted nor willing to preen me, but would willingly step up to my finger whenever I asked them to. And this is all regardless of gender, I am closely bonded with both male and female budgies and also have other budgies who are naturally more shy and not that interested in forming a closer bond with me.
And I love them all, regardless! :D

milipidi 07-17-2015 09:06 AM

You have been given some good advice. I have a few pet budgies and certainly not all of them are interested in preening me. I really do believe there are a number of factors not least their own personalities. Don't take it to heart. Just like ourselves, comparing what we do and don't do is not the best measure of a relationship. If you birds are happy and you are enjoying them, then it is a good relationship.

thatonebirdguy 07-17-2015 04:47 PM

thank you im sure my budgies like me they chirp happily when i walk in the room and they hop on to the cage door they just arent that bonded yet if they didnt like me they wouldnt step up or get excited when i walk in the room. thanks alot for the help! plus they are only babies about 2 or 3 months old, perhaps they will grow accustomed to it later on. my budgie ronin does not mind when i pet him but he doesnt like it either he just doesnt care hes just a happy bird i guess. Thanks again!

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