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Heavypenguins 07-20-2015 09:34 AM

I have a question!
So! The time has come once again where I have to deflea the house for the summer.
The only issue is Alistair. The spray my dad usually buys even makes ME choke but it gets the job done really well. I'm definitely not risking keeping him in the back room with windows wide open.
Maybe a day in the back garden would be good? I can set his cage on the table out there, and provide him with a bath and shade the cage, while I can sit with him until everything settles?
I was thinking it'd also be nice for him to see the outdoors and get some sun while staying safe, and he talks to the birds that live in the trees lining the garden quite a lot, too.
I can also ask our nice neighbour if he'd mind having a budgie in the house for a few hours. He used to own one called Billy and he was a charming little guy (That, and I'm his tech support for when things go wrong with his things, I can call in a favour maybe :giggle: )

It's a bit of an obstacle and I'm not entirely sure how to go about this, I was hoping someone could offer a bit of advice on the matter?

Pretty boy 07-20-2015 09:49 AM

Hello Amber you are very wise to be taking this action for your budgies safety. These sort of chemicals could definitely be dangerous ! If at all possible I would even leave him over night out of that environment. The fumes can linger, I am sure he will love the sunlight as well. Keep all the windows open for as long as possible a home too.:)

Heavypenguins 07-20-2015 10:09 AM

We used to have a carpet powder that did the job just fine, and I used to be able to put George up in my room. But my dad being my dad decided to get that hideous spray. (It's kinda funny, he knows I'm asthmatic and that the fumes tend to get to me but he keeps getting it)

I'll ask my neighbour about it, but for now I'm planning a very early start for the deflea day to minimise the sheer amount of fumes.

It's a shame my best friend doesn't live up the road anymore. I used to take George up for visits.
It's a half-hour walk now, and I have a smaller spare cage that I can actually carry.
I could ask her about it and possibly spend a night there if I can get Alistair to go into the smaller one.

Thank you, too! I thought I was on the right track with things :hug:

FaeryBee 07-20-2015 11:03 AM

If your friend is willing to have you over, I think spending the night with George at your friend's house is definitely the best option. I hope it works out so you'll be able to do so. :fingerx:

Jonah 07-20-2015 11:23 AM

I would definitely not take him back in there if you can smell even the slightest odor from it. After the prescribed treatment time is over, I would put a fan in the window pointed out, and another in a different window pointed in for awhile...:)

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