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RavensGryf 08-01-2015 03:42 AM

She started molting... then nothing.
I think it was around a month ago that Mink started her first molt. Started.... but then it never really took off. I know that when my parrots were having their first, they just kept on molting profusely for however long it took to change about 90% of their feathers into adult color, which took several times longer to complete than a regular yearly molt. My budgies Twigs and his late partner would also molt profusely. That is what I had expected from Mink. She only molted 10% if even that, and seems to have stopped for a couple weeks now. Any ideas as to why?

The only other time I've ever seen this is in one of my birds who molts "a little" several times a year so that it's not that noticeable, but then he's an older bird. With Mink, I'm talking about a FIRST molt. Thanks for any insight!

EDIT: I just remembered... one of my birds did go on and off for his first molt which lasted a good part of a year. He'd molt for a month or two then stop for a couple or few weeks, then on again, and so forth. I wonder if this is what Mink will do? How do budgies normally do their first molt? I think Twigs and the other guy I had already had theirs when we got them.

aluz 08-01-2015 04:33 AM

That's quite all right even for a first moult. Some birds seem to moult very lightly and the moult itself seems to last for quite some time because it's hardly noticeable, while others moult more heavily and for a shorter amount of time.
Usually on a budgie's first moult they would lose their barring on the forehead and maybe a couple of throat spots. The bigger moult where they replace flight feathers, tail feathers and the rest of the throat spots is when they reach the 6 - 7 month age mark.

RavensGryf 08-01-2015 03:54 PM

Thanks Ana :). She started with several flight feathers, which have already grown in. The head only had a "few" solid yellow feathers so far replacing the barred ones. Also I noticed her back feathers which are being replaced are growing in darker like a true normal color instead of 'almost' cinnamon. A few throat spots too. It was cute when I found her spots on the floor :giggle:.

So it is actually like little "samples" from her entire body here and there. Have you seen that before?

I'm not worried, just curious if that is typical of a budgie. It doesn't help that I am also very anxious to see her in adult feather to see whether or not the shade of her olive/violet front will change much or not.

Also... how much of the body does a budgie typically replace in their first molt? I found that my parrots replaced around 90% the first time.

aluz 08-01-2015 04:10 PM

Yes, I have experienced that too and it also depends on the individual bird and the type of moult. I have had budgies to have the same set pattern of moult many times in a row and then they get an odd one where they would moult more heavily.

StarlingWings 08-01-2015 04:12 PM

:iagree: with Aluz ;)

Also, budgies moult gradually, so the first time they may lose a few throat spots and primaries, then in a month or two you may see some tail feathers growing in, then throat spots, etc. It's perfectly normal :)

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