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smuggles 08-05-2015 05:10 AM

seperation anxiety
Hi guys

I have a question. My budgie girl is quite attached to me and my boyfriend. The only thing is that when one of us leaves the house she chirps her head off like head off like we are never coming back. She will also bite the other person and refuses to get up on your finger. Any ideas on how to stop her from this behaviour? my only thought is she is only happy when the whole flock is together.

deriksen 08-05-2015 08:17 AM

It's a bit tricky when you only have one budgie. I have the same issue with mine at times, especially if I've been away a lot. If one person is home, maybe try to offer her special treats so she sees this time as a reward? When you're both out, give her special attention when you get home. I leave music on if I'm out during the day, and I always ensure there's light during the day as well. Seems to help a bit...

Jo Ann 08-05-2015 02:34 PM

Enlist a couple of friends to substitute for one or the other and feed and clean and do stepups with one of you gone for a few minutes. Then after this is OK
gradually extend the time. We have a flock and the flock is self supporting. Our house birds miss us but enjoy being social with visitors. Blessings, Jo Ann:p

FaeryBee 08-05-2015 02:40 PM

Jo Ann's suggestions are great! :thumbsup:

Bogey 08-05-2015 04:14 PM

I have a single female budgie and when we leave for any length of time, I put a toy with a mirror in the cage. This seems to keep her occupied and interested, and she hardly seems to notice we were gone.

smuggles 08-05-2015 09:51 PM

Thanks guys. Great suggestions. She is pretty much free range. Her cage roof is open most of the day when we are home and she is free to play on her play gym or fly around. We keep the house very safe for her. I will try having my bf cleaning her cage and keeping her in her cage with a mirror while I'm gone for the day. Thanks so much for your replies.

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