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DustyAndGreen 08-16-2015 10:14 PM

Girls that get along
Hi! :)

I was sitting at my computer the other day when I noticed Chubby regurgitating food and feeding Dusty (both are girls). GreenBird noticed and jumped in between them which I guess was due to jealousy since he and Chubby are "married" xD Since female budgies are pretty notorious for being more aggressive and not getting along I thought this was quite interesting.

Do you guys have any similar stories or thoughts?

StarlingWings 08-16-2015 11:34 PM

I think that's very cute ;) I love seeing unlikely friendships--unfortunately Mallorn tries to dominate all other birds so I don't think she would appreciate a female friend (or a male one, for that matter :giggle:) but that's a great story ;)

BabyRaptor 08-16-2015 11:36 PM

Sounds like GreenBird maybe in looking to good time in the future ;) haha

Pipsicle 08-19-2015 08:56 AM

I've got two female budgies and they get along really well. In fact, they can't stand being separated. They are constantly preening & feeding each other though every once in a while they argue as well.....

I'm not sure they realise though that they are of the same sex. I've seen both of them trying to lift a leg over the other budgie and they seem to be constantly in breeding condition. My vet recommended that I try to get them out of breeding condition (by limiting day light hours) as apparently that puts a big strain on a budgie's body.

Jonah 08-19-2015 10:47 AM

My two hens share a closer bond with each other than they do with their male partner. Good to see you stopping in Joanna...:)

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