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Vishnu 08-20-2015 12:11 PM

My budgie story
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I would like to start from the beginning,i brought the whole cage from my friend with two pairs .Yes friend who is about to leave abroad i mean to US and he chose me to take care of his birds.

I brought them home well fed and once my lutino pair had a clutch of three.Unfortunately the female from the other green pair killed my first hatch,so does we separated the green pair to the other cage in order to raise other chicks safely.It went horrible the next morning that the cat pulled the green pair cage off the stand and both of them flew away. :( yess am sure they flew because if the cat managed to catch them i could barely see their feathers on the floor. I hope they live somewhere happily :rolleyes: :rolleyes: .

So now my cage is filled with 4 lutinos alone including chicks.we shifted the cage into our hometown and did manage to find right spot to keep the cage where they can live in bond with nature. We found our cage is missing something. Yess , indeed colors :party2: so we added four more budgies (1.dark Green male,2.cobalt female, blue male,4.diluted green female),I brought them from my uncle who maintain a flock of nearly 150 :hammer: .

After that i add my new budgies you know what ;) they started to get to know each other and pair up :p.

Sky blue cock maintain two hens 1.cobalt and 2.diluted green both of them are raising three chicks each now. I got your point :cool: one talented sky blue cock :p. My lutino pair had a clutch of two again so totally six lutinos. The dark green i brought from my uncle is quarantined with one of the older lutino chick probably expecting one more clutch :laughing1: . Happily ever after they are living together :budge::budgie::budge::budgie::budge::budgie:

Note: My friend returned and on seeing how i take care of "my" budgies he asked me to take a life time care on them. Probably i might have gone wild if he could get to ask me the cage back :rolleyes:;):hug: :feedback:

FaeryBee 08-20-2015 03:47 PM

Thank you for sharing your birds' story with us. :D

May I ask what the dimensions of the cage are where you currently house your budgies?

I know things are done differently in India than in the US and Canada, but we can offer you some good suggestions and advice on how to give your budgies a healthier and happier lifestyle if you choose to do so.

We have several members from India here on the Talk Budgies Forum.
One of the things that is challenging seems to be the fact there are few Avian Vets in your country.

Because of this, you will want to do as much research as you can and learn as much about budgies and the best practices for their care so you can provide your little ones with the best possible life. :) We have a member in India who has done this and has developed a great relationship with a regular vet. With the member's research and the vet's collaboration, they have found ways of providing care for her budgie that she would have not been able to manage otherwise.

I would suggest you set up a birdie-first aid kit if you haven't already done so to be prepared in case of any emergency situation that may arise.

Additionally, although I know in India it is often common to "colony breed" there are many dangers associated with doing so. Please take the time to read the information in the links below and consider changing your method to individual cages for each breeding pair. This is safest for both your adult budgies as well as any potential offspring.

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Best wishes!

Jonah 08-20-2015 06:47 PM

Your story is wonderful, thank's for sharing. Deborah has given you some very important info and advice, and I wholeheartedly agree. You sound like a very smart guy, and with the info you can get from this forum, and put into practice, your flock will benefit greatly....:)

Vishnu 08-21-2015 01:04 AM

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Faery bee thanks for your valuable links ? I'll surely follow them and let u know wat I did. My cage is house shaped one which is wider up to 6.5ft and 4.5 ft taller.

Thanks Jonah and am happy to be here :)

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