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Featheredflyers 09-04-2015 07:09 AM

Accessories safe?
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Apologies if I'm putting this in the wrong place, but just wanted to share something I read about the safety / non- safety of metal in cages / birdie accessories.

The thing I read was in a Harrison's healthier bird food booklet I got yesterday with the sample trial packs of Harrison's food. (My budgies, as expected, are still not that interested in it, by the way!) The article says about checking if toys in the cage are safe by being free from iron, with stainless steel being the best option. Most of you probably already know this, but thought I'd post it in case there's anyone like me who didn't.

I've just purchased kabobs and a fruit / veg holder. I did the 'magnet test' and it seems the clip at the top is a bit, very slightly magnetic. However I don't know where to get one that isn't so until I can find one, I hope it's safe enough for my budgies....?.....especially if I make sure it doesn't get rusty...?...

I'll attach a couple of photos...

FaeryBee 09-04-2015 08:01 AM

Yes, there are several threads about the dangers of heavy metal poisoning on the forum.
I've linked an information article for you below.

The clip at the top of the kabob holder will be fine as long as your budgie isn't licking or chewing on it. :)

Thank you for being concerned about your budgies' well-being and taking the necessary steps to ensure their health and safety. :hug:

Heavy Metal Poisoning in Budgies - Budgie Health

Featheredflyers 09-04-2015 08:05 AM

Thank you for that. :):budgie:

Winterbird 09-30-2015 03:09 AM

I think that it is fine but you might want to check on it daily to see that your budgie is not licking or chewing it. And here is a website that has many safe toys for budgies and it ships to many places.:
parrot perches, natural wood perches, parrot toys, safe parrot toy making parts, bird accessories, bird perches

You might want to check this out first:
The dangers of rope in parrot toys
And where did you get that book? cause i need one :D

Featheredflyers 10-01-2015 07:13 AM

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Thanks for your helpful reply. I got the Harrison's booklet form the vet's. But maybe you could get it from the website...? I'll take a photo of the back of the booklet with the details on, and put it on here. Hope that will help.:-)

Featheredflyers 10-04-2015 03:31 PM

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Just seeking reassurance about one of the latest things I've got for Jenni and Simmi. As per recommendations here, I've bought some 'shredders'. I'm not sure if I've put them in in a good place / way. I realise time will tell as to whether or not the birdies will like them, but wondered if any of you have any tips.
Also, re the coloured sticks: a colleague who teaches arts and crafts gave me them. It didn't say on the packet whether or not they are toxic / safe. Any ideas?
(Please bear in mind, I'm rather 'practically challenged' and so doubt I could make anything elaborate with these things!)

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