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Closed Thread
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Old 09-23-2015, 06:52 AM
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Default Pan detective

Shortly after getting birds in the house again, I got rid of anything with Teflon. I brought the pots and pans to a family gathering and they were all taken; my son is going to come get the bread maker machine this weekend.
However, I have a set of heavy, high quality old, industrial loaf pans made by the Lockwood company. They are favorites of mine, and they are coated. I am sending emails out to try to find out what the coating is made of, because most older commercial loaf pans that were coated had a non ptfe siliconized coating that was long lasting for industrial applications.
I'm waiting to hear back, but if any of you are aficionados of old baking equipment, please tell me what you know.
Needless to say until I know, the pans will not be used, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
The detective work does not stop there, though. Once I know, if the coating is silicon as I suspect, I will research silicon outgassing. A simple search turned up nothing in the way of dangers, but I'm going to look into it more carefully.

One does not need to stop using everything in one's home, one just needs to research. The coatings on bathtubs for instance, who would think to question those? As far as I know, no matter how hot the water is, the finish on ordinary glazed tubs are fine. But what of the new surround shells that people remodel with? I don't know. If I had one of those new surrounds, I'd certainly look into it.

I personally believe that knowledge is safety, and that many unexplained premature bird deaths are due to substances in the home that those living there are entirely unaware of (did you know, for instance, that some light bulbs have Teflon coatings?) So in my opinion it is up to us to explore our homes with new eyes when we have pets, looking for dangers that are not dangers to us.

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Old 09-23-2015, 02:32 PM
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Jo Ann (Jo Ann)
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Smile Pan

Excellent work , Lucille.

In our home, we have a collection of old wrought iron pot and pans and stainless steel. and one Coated pan for my husbands special use. We adjust for this by using our outside exhaust kitchen hood. This works really well as most of our birds are in the aviary and the few house birds are banned from the galley kitchen with a screen curtain. So far in nearly 16 years no problems.

We also use propane and natural gas heaters to heat the aviary with no problem. Research is critical as this tells you where you can use things that might otherwise be automatically contraband. We did the research and take precautions on the use of the one only coated pan which is only used under full blowing exterior vented hood. So do not feel trapped when you really want something in your life, do the research and take some adjusted precautions and you can have both sides fulfilled. We live in a 2 sided world but there is very often another answer that incorporates both sides effectively. So always be alert for these very fulfilling choices.
Blessings, Jo Ann

Thanks for the signature FaeryBee
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