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kacey 11-10-2015 08:16 AM

Timid Budgie
I got my lovely budgie Sparky in April. She's adorable but extremely timid. I can put my hand in the cage to clean it, change food etc without worrying her but she still won't come to me. She's also very wary of new toys and I've tried swings but she won't go near them. I got her a coiled rope swing last week which she seems to be drawn to but won't take the plunge and climb on it.

She's very happy otherwise but I was wondering if there was anything I could do to increase her confidence?

Budgies are difficult to find where I live and I got her from a very good, knowledgeable private pet shop. They told me she was 8 - 10 weeks old but I think she was a couple of months older. Would this make it more difficult to build trust?

Riovedo 11-10-2015 08:36 AM

I had a budgie that was very timid too and was the same when it came to toys....leaving her door open and allowing her to sit on top of her cage near me helped. I would involve her in things I did (as long as it was safe for her)...if I folded laundry I took her with me to the bedroom so she could watch and I could talk to her. After a month I did get her a playground and would have her sit there rather than the cage. She never did become a big personality like my budgie I have now, I think it was just her nature. Good luck :)

kacey 11-10-2015 09:11 AM

Thanks for your advice. I'm working on getting her to come to my hand (have been seen I got her) but she's a stubborn little girl. I've been reading on the site ways to get her to trust me - I'll have to be patient with her. I'm quite a quiet person too so maybe my nature's rubbing off on her! :)

Jonah 11-10-2015 10:47 AM

Hi Karen, welcome to talk budgies. Sounds like your exercising great patience with her. It seem's some budgies never get as comfortable with us as many of their species do, and she may be that type. How does she react if you play budgie sounds off youtube for her ? Have you ever considered getting a second budgie ? She may warm up with another bird around, especially one that you have a little more active bond with...:)

Teddscau 11-10-2015 11:16 AM

I have a girl just like Sparky. She turned a year old on Halloween (her hatchday is roughly around there), and I adopted her when she was two or three months old. Difference is, she had been living with an animal hoarder and had/has quite significant behavioural and psychological issues. She was absolutely terrified of humans for the longest time. She didn't play, sing, or even move. She didn't even know what spray millet was.

Anyways, with a lot of patience, she's now come to start trusting humans, and has learned to play, sing, and be more active, although not quite to the degree of your average budgie. Before, if a human even came to the doorway of her room, she would begin to panic, but now we can stand near her cage and she'll just do her thing without worrying.

Anyways, I find the best way to get a budgie to trust you is to sit by their cage at a respectful distance, and read to them. Try to make eye contact once in a while. Once she gets comfortable with you sitting there, you can start to move closer.

Here's what I read to my guys:

Tea4Two 11-10-2015 11:27 AM

My 1 year old female budgie gets all the oohs and ahs but she won't interact with me at all like her 3 year old male companion. He will sing to me and acknowledge my presence. She just moves away when I go near her except when I am bringing food. She has a soft sweet personality though and I appreciate her for that and the male is totally smitten with her. She does love her toys though- especially the ones she can chew into pieces!

kacey 11-10-2015 02:49 PM

Tanks for all your replies. She gets very excited budgie sounds for her; she bobs her head and joins in. I try to make noises too (I'm sure if anyone heard me I'd be locked up). She likes toys with bells but prefers colourful plastic ones to wooden ones - she tends to ignore them but I'm hoping she'll take to them one day. I've noticed that she likes to spend most of her time at the end of the cage closest to me which I've taken as being encouraging.

She refuses to try fruit and veg but I'll persevere with that and hopefully one day she'll start taking it. I'm really pleased as tonight she nibbled a little millet from my fingers.

I'm really keen to get a friend for her but it's not possible at the moment as I'm due to move house shortly and want to be settled before introducing a playmate

FaeryBee 11-10-2015 05:40 PM

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I'm looking forward to hearing all about your budgie and hopefully seeing some pictures :photo: soon!! Rules and Guidelines
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StarlingWings 11-10-2015 10:46 PM

Hello and :welcome: to the forums! :p

I can't add to the great advice above, but I can relate from my own experiences. When she was little, my little girl Mallorn was (she still can be) very skittish and afraid of new things. To introduce her to new toys, I show it to her, play with it, and leave it outside of her cage where she can see it, slowly moving it closer during the day. Eventually, I rest it against the side of her cage, occasionally picking it up to reassure her it's safe, and when she nibbles on it or investigates, I know she'll be okay with me putting it in the cage. This has generally worked really well ;) Maybe your shy girl would approve?

Anyways, we'd love to meet her and she sounds like an absolute darling. :love: Feel free to ask about anything else you're concerned about as we're always happy to help! :wave:

kacey 11-11-2015 07:58 AM

Thanks for that. I'll start doing that with any new things I get for her cage. The one I got her is very large - I wanted her to have loads of room but she never goes near the bottom half so perhaps its too large for her. Maybe when I get a playmate for her it'll encourage her to make more use of it.

She's a gorgeous wee girl but perhaps I'm biased :) I'll post a picture of her when I figure out how to do it :o She's very small compared to the normal huge budgies you get here in Britain but that's exactly what I wanted and what I'm after for her new friend.

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