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Azooka 11-11-2015 12:13 AM

Help with Aviary?
Hey everyone,

So today my mum decided to jump straight into getting more pairs (we had been discussing getting a female for one of the pretty babies from the first clutch keep in mind they are only 4 months old) so she texted me to say she'd bought a young female budgie for the young male budgie. Now this would have been OK if I had been prepared as we don't have enough suitable cages, we have the aviary but there is already a female in there (the mum of the baby).

We were supposed to be moving on the babies that we have (Bucky's siblings and the older clutch) rather than buying new budgies. So now we have a female budgie in a small cage who mum is getting ready to introduce into the aviary (it's a trusted breeder/the babies were kept inside displaying no signs of sickness thus far. i know we should do quarantine but the only other cage we have is way too small).

I wanted a lutino, so now we have a lutino and I have to say she's pretty gorgeous. Pretty sure it's a female because she has a tan cere that's slightly crinkly around the base and she bites hard (breeder confirmed gender as well).

SO. What do I do? The mum was put back in the aviary because the nesting box was taken away so now it's.

Mum and Dad
The Two Brothers from the First Clutch
Unknown Genders from the Second Clutch (Bucky's clutch, I believe them to be one male and one female though)

So there are 6 budgies in the aviary already, and I'm not sure if putting her in with them is the best idea for any of them. We have a holding cage attached to the outside of the aviary so they can see each other and talk to each other but again, it's way too small for her to be left out overnight in.

I'm not comfortable putting her in with Bucky either, because she's extremely wild and quite a bit older than Bucky who only started flying three days ago and I don't want him to be stressed/be monstered by this female.

Help please? Putting her in the aviary is really all we can do at this stage. We have a slightly bigger cage that mum set up to be a breeding cage (yes, diving headlong into this) and we could keep her there but I'm so stressed and confused about what to do.

Thank you so much,

budgieaviary 11-11-2015 12:35 AM

Put her in a small cage inside the aviary, you wouldnt want something to happen to her...

As far as the nature of her is concerned, let the flock establish a pecking order and it should be fine. Unless the breeder stated the reason for sale is due to behavioral traits, then you may want to move her own especially if you observe any bullying behavior. Usually the birds will work it out for themselves, as long as they have plenty of space in the aviary to get away from each other they should be fine to work it out on their own.

Azooka 11-11-2015 04:12 AM

Thanks! At about 3pm we put her in in the little holding cage we had, opened the door and she flew straight out and joined the others. Glad to hear that's all normal and good!

Took out one of Bucky's siblings to keep as a friend as well. I'm not sure of either of their genders 100% but they are around the same age with identical cere markings and behaviours so I hope it works out they are the same gender!!

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