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deriksen 11-11-2015 12:18 PM

Moulting again
My little princess is absolutely covered in pin feathers. She's not actually complaining. She'll use perches and toys to help with the itching, but other than that she's in good form.

I am, however, a bit puzzled by a new feather. If you look on the right side, there's a dark feather appearing, and it looks to be above the yellow ones. I think it's in the wrong place :D

aluz 11-11-2015 04:07 PM

Your Princess Jakob currently looks exactly like my boy Tito Junior, he is also replacing most of his face/head/neck feathers.
And just like your girl, he is also coping with it very well. :)

The only growing dark feather I'm seeing is right below Jakob's beautiful cheek patch and I can see that it is a throat spot in the process of developing.

deriksen 11-11-2015 04:13 PM

Glad to hear Tito Junior doesn't mind mounting too much either! The dark feather I'm on about is near her long wing feathers on the right. It's sticking out a little bit. It's only been visible for a few days now. I'm just surprised to see a dark feather appear as there hasn't been one there before.

She does have one dark grey wing feather on the right. It's underneath all the others. There isn't one on the other side. Some of the shorter tail feathers also have some dark blue and green colours, but otherwise her long feathers are all yellow...

StarlingWings 11-15-2015 04:43 PM

Poor Princess! I'm glad she's not feeling too shabby though. :giggle:

The feather you're seeing is a tail feather, it looks like a secondary tail feather. As it grows in, it'll stick out less and eventually fold in with the rest of her tail feathers.

I've seen this happen with my girl, too :D

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