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Closed Thread
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Old 05-16-2016, 01:17 AM
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Default New Budgie owner problems

Hello! I am a new budgie/parakeet owner and have quite a story to share and lots of questions to ask.

My husband got me my first budgie Poe for Mother's day. Poe is a great friend and super cuddly he did however seem a little lonely so we got our second bird BB, they loved each other right away.

Later on I noticed his foot had a couple bumps on it, almost like his toe was swollen. Concerned I took him to the vet and they told me to put some wart remover on it and it should go away. After about 4 days of the wart remover the toe started looking worse so we took him back to the same vet. They told me they thought it was a foreign object and that they would need to amputate the toe, they handed me an estimate of over $400. Having two kids this price was a little much for such a tiny toe.

Being an animal lover I was broken hearted. I went home in tears not knowing what to do. That night he was flying around and started bleeding from the toe. Not knowing if he would make it and being worried of BB being left alone and not having any other options for him we got a third bird Finn. Through getting Finn we were referred to a different vet who ended up charging considerably less and actually looking at the foot before taking it off. They were able to get the micro fiber off and now his toe is fine. Just a little black and will most likely rot and fall off without harming him.

The problem we are facing now is that our three feather babies seem to not be getting along well. Poe and Finn seem to be nipping at each other a bit. So yesterday we went and talked to the people that gave us Finn and they told us that one of the problems might be that Finn needs a mate. So here comes bird number 4 Rae. Now we have Finn and Rae in one cage and Poe and BB in a bigger cage. Finn seems to be nipping at Rae even though they shared a food dish all day without fighting much. and Poe seems to not like Rae much either (we had BB and Poe out to check out the new bird for a few minutes)

So I guess my question is how do we know if these birds like each other?? Is it normal for them to nip at each other a bit? Is it a good idea to keep them seperated to bond with each other or should we put all four in the same cage right away?? I feel like something so simple has now multiplied by four! BB and Poe used to get a long so well but once he came back from the vet they just seem to not like each other much. And Finn and BB kind of like each other now. Its so confusing! Please help this new birdie mom!

Last edited by aluz; 05-16-2016 at 09:24 AM. Reason: Removing upsetting content
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Old 05-16-2016, 02:26 AM
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Hello JamieLee!

As another fellow newbie to Budgies, welcome! I'm happy to hear your little one is doing better and that you got a much better opinion from a second vet. If you can, try to find an avian specific vet in your area and even get in contact with one that isn't so you have a point of call if you have any queries or emergencies. The people on here have a wealth of knowledge to share with you but I will tell you a bit of what I know from my research/breeder/and vet.

You should always quarantine new birds before putting them in with the ones you previously own before getting vet checked, bonding with them and acclimating to their new environment, and to get used to the other birds. Budgies can be territorial (fighting over the cage) and pass illnesses quickly and sometimes invisibly. The stickies on here are great and suggest a 45 day quarantine for the safety of your new bird and old ones. My vet suggested you separate the birds in different rooms and get a full health check from an avian vet and a psittacosis test before introducing any newbies as some budgie illnesses are airborne and can be passed to humans (like psittacosis or chlamydia).

Budgies also hid illnesses insanely well due to their natural instincts and will often only show symptoms when they are quite ill.

I'll agree, budgies are very confusing little creatures sometimes and it's important to get to know them and their body language in order to better understand their needs and take care of them. They are just like people with their own little personalities and some will love each other while others hate them.

I wish you all the best with you babies and that they start to get along. Try the quarantine and you might start to hear them flock call to each other as they bond, which is loud but cute.

Good luck and best wishes!

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Old 05-16-2016, 08:03 AM
aluz's Avatar
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aluz has a reputation beyond reputealuz has a reputation beyond reputealuz has a reputation beyond reputealuz has a reputation beyond reputealuz has a reputation beyond reputealuz has a reputation beyond reputealuz has a reputation beyond reputealuz has a reputation beyond reputealuz has a reputation beyond reputealuz has a reputation beyond reputealuz has a reputation beyond repute

Welcome to the forums!

I'm very sorry you didn't have the best start to budgie ownership nor the best advices during the short amount of time you have had your feathered companions.
For new owners it's more advisable to start with just one budgie and to give some time to be better acquainted with the species and doing the research in order to provide the best care possible, before starting to add more budgies to the mix.
Knowing how to read and interpret a pet bird's behaviour and their body language is extremely important and this comes with actual real life experience with the species, through close observation and by beginning the bonding process with the pet bird, in this case the budgie.

I'm also sorry the vet you took your Poe to wasn't very knowledgeable and because of it he may lose the toe. For future reference, it would be best to locate an avian vet specialist for your budgies.

If Poe was indeed injured by BB, then they should have been separated.
Unfortunately, some budgies have more of a vicious and aggressive temperament and when there is a case of constant bullying and pecking, the aggressor should be housed on a separate cage on a permanent basis.
It's never a good idea to add more budgies when there is not harmony in a flock and the environment isn't very inviting. This will only add more stress on a flock scenario and as a response the birds' frame of mind will shift to "alarm and attack mode" and this is not a good thing.

Another important aspect worth of being considered is your budgies genders, this can also have an impact especially when there is an imbalance on the male/female ratio.
If possible, please post photos of your budgies, front shots of the whole beak/cere area taken in natural lighting (no flash from camera).
Depending on their interactions, you may need to separate your budgies in order to ensure their safety and mental/physical health.

Given the situation your Poe was in, with 3 extra birds it's not realistic to think that they won't be needing vet assistance in the long run and for this one needs to have the financial means to cover these expenses.
The more pets a person has, the more expenses there will be.
And this is just not avian vet expenses, but for added foods, and the many toys and accessories replacements needed in a long term basis.

Also take a look at the following links which can be helpful:

Since you are new to budgies, the information found on the articles and stickies will be extremely useful and you will learn a great deal on the best practices to ensure your budgies have a happy and healthy life.
I'm wishing your budgies all the best and hope the flock situation improves.

RIP sweet Tito (Summer 2008 - January 17th 2013).
You are missed and never will be forgotten.

Last edited by aluz; 05-16-2016 at 08:08 AM.
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Old 05-16-2016, 09:34 AM
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FaeryBee (Deborah)

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Hi! to Talk Budgies

I'm sorry for the problems you have experienced and the very bad advice you were given. You stated you feel the problems have been multiplied by four and that is exactly the situation you are now in by having added three additional birds when you have no prior experience in properly caring for one budgie.

I'm simply going to say that aluz has given you wonderful advice and it is in your best interest to follow every recommendation fully.

If you do not separate the aggressive budgie from the others, you are subjecting the other budgie(s) to the possibility of severe injury or death.

Additionally, if you are unable to afford the Avian Vet care necessary for one bird, it is extremely important you set up an emergency vet fund right away. As pet owners, I believe it our responsibility to ensure our animals get the best care possible when it is needed.

Seeing an Avian Vet is very important as you have learned the hard way. Avian Vets have special training to determine the cause of symptoms resulting from illness or trauma. This is important as "regular" vets will often overlook symptoms that are quickly obvious to an Avian Vet.
When you rely on anyone who has not had training in Avian diagnosis and care, you may be delaying effective treatment. This can prolong suffering that may be avoidable.
The bird will often require a more intense, prolonged treatment with a poorer chance of full recovery than it would have if you seek prompt professional diagnosis and treatment at the first sign of illness.

Distinction between an Avian Vet and a Vet that "Will See Birds"

Please take the time to read through all of the How To Guides, the FAQs and the stickies located at the top of each section of the forum.

You'll find most of your basic questions about budgies and caring for them will have been answered after you've read through all of them.

Site Guidelines
How-To Guides
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
Budgie Articles
Avian First Aid
Why Quarantine?

When you upload pictures as thumbnail attachments directly from your computer, tablet or phone, the forum automatically defaults to landscape.

To upload full-sized pictures with the proper orientation, please use a photo-sharing service such as PhotoBucket and follow the steps in these instructions:

Examples Of Pictures To Post And Not Post - Talk Budgies Forums

By the way, all photos entered in any of our forum contests must be a full-size photo and not a thumbnail attachment so it's good to know how to upload them!

If you have any questions after reading through everything, please be sure to ask!

Glad you decided to join us and looking forward to seeing you around the forums.


Old 05-16-2016, 02:37 PM
shanebudgie's Avatar
shanebudgie (Shane)
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Greetings welcome aboard.sorry your budgie had a hurt foot.I agree with our friends here and they given you some wonderful advice.blessings and hope your budgie will recover very soon.blessings always.
princess Gracie Barber welcomes you all and blessings
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