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Closed Thread
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Old 06-15-2016, 02:54 AM
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Default Recently three new birds

Long story short, my sister is the sole owner of her birds but I occasionally look after them when she's at work. We used to have a pair of birds. One grey and the other is blue and white. Recently the grey bird, Gary, passed away and it was one of the saddest moments in my life. Really thew me off. So anyways, my sister was planning to get a bird to try and pair up our blue and white bird, Anivia. However, to my surprise, she got three new birds for free! Their names are Pickle, Taffy, and Marshal. Pickle is colored green and yello, Taffy is blue and white with some black spots, and Marshal is almost exactly like Anivia so sometime we can't tell which one is which until we get a closer look at the both of them.

Anivia is a very energetic bird yet somehow aggressive. It was okay at first but lately I noticed that she (not sure if she's a female but her nose area has a hint of cere but more light pink) would try to get close to one of the birds, mostly Pickle. Marshal doesn't want to do anything with Anivia and Taffy just gets away from her. Not sure if Anivia is being territorial but I noticed that if one of the three birds tries to eat, she comes over to where one of them are and that one would go away then Anivia starts eating the said bowl. Not sure if she is actually safeguarding the food bowls or just wants to eat with them. There isn't really any fights to each other and they preen themselves pretty much most of the time.

Before we tried to separate Anivia from the three birds. We put her in the cage that the three birds were in when my sister got them. When this happened, the three birds from the other cage seemed relaxed. Started preening a lot and eating the food. Anivia didn't seem to mind at all. She really is a difficult but interesting bird, we love her anyways. But she would sometimes be everywhere in the cage. Flying from one side to the other, back and forth, chirping. As if she wants to be in the other cage. Which was pretty much the idea when we try to let her out of the cage. She flew to the other cage, looking for a way to get in. So we let her in but the problem comes back again. Three birds feeling tensed and Anvia is just being Anivia. The birds keep distance from her but not too far away. They don't seem to mind perching by her. I almost forgot to mention that Marshal is disabled. My sister told me that his wing didn't grow well and that his feet are deformed. So he pretty much relies on navigating around by climbing and parkouring, Assassin's Creed style (it's a video game). Oh and I was told that three birds are males but not so sure because we're thinking that Taffy is a female as well.

So here's the part where I need some input about this. Should we just keep Anivia alone in one cage? If so, how long should this be? We like to have these birds get along but if she needs to be in another cage alone then okay. What's interesting also is that when I played a Youtube video of budgies chirping, Anivia was the only one who responded. The three just perched there quietly, no response. We have the cage near the other cage with the three birds. We thought it would keep Anivia company in her own cage, at least that way. The crazy chirping was more than usual when it happened.

Before, when Anivia was alone in her cage, she would fly towards me and would climb up to me, as if she wants me to get her attention but I knew she wants me to let her out and fly over to the other cage to be with the other birds but the other birds doesn't seem try to get along with her. I tried once when I just opened the cage and when she notices that it was opened, she flew out and then towards the other cage! I guess that was a sign that she wants to be with the other birds or perhaps it's a territorial thing that she wants to be in that cage instead but not entirely too sure about it.

Last edited by FaeryBee; 06-15-2016 at 09:08 AM. Reason: Crude language is not appropriate on this forum
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Old 06-15-2016, 09:17 AM
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FaeryBee (Deborah)

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I have some questions for you that will ensure we offer you the best possible advice.

1) How long have you had the "three new birds"?

2) Did you/your sister follow proper quarantine procedures when you brought the birds home?
Why Quarantine?

3. How large is the cage the three birds are in (that Anivia wants to be in as well?
Please provide the Length, Width and Height in that order

4) Are there multiple food and water dishes in the cage?

5) How old is Anivia? Do you know how old the three new birds are?

6) Can you post clear, in-focus pictures taken in natural light of each of the birds' ceres so we can determine their gender?

While you are gathering that information, I will say that anytime a new bird is brought into the home where a current bird resides it should be quarantined. Quarantine means housing your new bird in a different cage in a different room as far away as possible from the room where your current bird(s) are housed for a period of 30-45 days.
Budgies mask symptoms when they are ill. Symptoms may not show up for over two weeks.
Often you will not even realize your bird is not well. Many budgie illnesses are airborne which is why you need to quarantine your new bird in a completely different room.

Additionally, birds should be introduced gradually, not simply placed in the cage together when quarantine is over. Introductions are best done by placing the two cages close together for a few days and then allowing the birds to meet in neutral territory a few times. Only after closely supervising the meetings in neutral territory, should one determine if the birds are able to be housed in the same cage.

If a cage is being used that was occupied by one of the birds then everything in that cage should be rearranged to help prevent the previous occupant from being territorial and/or aggressive toward the newscomer(s).

I'll be waiting for your response to the questions posed above.

Best wishes!

Old 06-16-2016, 12:50 AM
Profile:GaryCloud is offline
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GaryCloud is on a distinguished road

Hi there (long post incoming!),

I'm Alyssa - the sister. My bro let me log into the account to answer the questions. Thanks so much for responding by the way!

1. We've had the three new birds since June 5th, so it's been about a week and a half. We got them after the morning Gary passed away. Gary passed away at around 3am on June 5th and we got the 3 new birds at around 6-7pm June 5th.
- I wanted to get a bird for Anivia so she doesn't get anxiety or get lonely.

2. I didn't even know about quarantining and I wish I had I did put Anivia in her own cage for awhile (the cages were close to each other) and in the evening when I got home from work I would open the cage doors so they can all hang out and get used to each other. And on some days I'd let her sleep in the same cage.
-If I wanted to do the quarantine procedure, should I start now even though I've put Anivia in with the 3 new birds?

3. I believe the cage is 30x18x36". I bought it at the local bird store (where I got Anivia, Gary, and also where the lady who works there gave me her 3 birds). But here's an Amazon link - I think this is the same one:

This is the cage Anivia and Gary were in:

This white cage is the cage I currently use for all four of them.

This is the cage the three new birds came in, which the lady also gave to me:

I'm not sure how big the green cage is, but it's a little shorter than the white one.

Here are all fours birds:

Anivia would be alone in the green cage, and the three new birds would be in the white cage. Like my bro stated, Anivia would go back and forth in the green cage and wanted to get out, and she would fly to the white one where all three birds were. I also tested to see if it was the cage she wanted and was being territorial, so I put the three new birds in their old green cage and Anivia in the white one, and she would still do the same thing (fly around, wanted to go to where the other birds were).

4. There are multiple food dishes in the cage. One for each bird. For water, there as one big dish and one water bottle type thing.But,I actually bought 3 more of them so they have options:
One looks like this:
The three other water dispensers looks like this:

Sometimes when the other birds eat, Anivia would go to where they're eating and they'd fly away. Although, she has been stopping that kind of habit; for example, today after work when I came home, all of them were eating in their own food dish.
When Gary was alive she'd do the samething -take over the food bowls I put in. I read that female parakeets are sometimes bossy and territorial?

5. When I got both Anivia and Gary at the bird store, they said they were about 4-5 months old. I believe Anivia is older because she didn't have as many stripes on her head.
I got them in February of this year, so I'm guessing she's about 8-9 months now.

I asked the lady who gave me the birds and she said she didn't really know. 2/3 have ring tags around their feet (does that determine their age?). She did say they were about a year old.

6. Here are all four of them, I hope the pictures are OK, if not, I can take some more:


-Notice his feet as well. I asked her about him today. She said when he arrived at the bird store his left wing wasn't grown and his feet were deformed. So the pet store let her take him home since they said nobody probably wouldn't buy him . But, we all love him!


Taffy 2:

The lady also mentioned his beak was overgrown and she trims it occasionally. Pickle is also currently molting!

I know that Marshal and Pickle are definitely male, the lady said Taffy is male - but looking at the cere I'm not sure. Also for Anivia, I believe she is female, but not so sure either.

Is it too late to quarantine now? Also, Anivia was being territorial towards Gary when he was alive as well. One reason I suspect she's a female.

Thanks for all your help,
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Old 06-16-2016, 01:14 AM
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Hi Alyssa/Alyssa's brother,

Thank you so much for such an in-depth answer, that really helped a lot.

No, it is not too late to quarantine--it may not be as effective now that they've all been exposed to each other but it still should be implemented. Quarantine is useful not only to prevent the spread of diseases, but also to let the new birds have a period of readjustment to their new home.

If you separate them now, I would leave the three in the white cage and put Anivia in the green cage. Unfortunately, more than two budgies in the white cage is not recommended (as a permanent situation) and more than one budgie in the green one isn't either I would consider getting another cage similar to the white one with dimensions at least 30 x 18 x 18 (in inches) to better accomodate the four budgies once quarantine is over.

I believe you're right with the genders. Anivia is definitely a little girl. Marshal and Pickle are boys, and Taffy appears to also be male. Even though his cere is pink, it is the immature colour of a male cere that all budgies of his mutation (recessive pied) keep their whole lives. If Taffy's cere is (in person) a translucent, shiny pink colour, he really is male. I would say he is a cobalt recessive pied budgie. In case you wondered, Marshal and Anivia are both sky blue greywing budgies and Pickle is a light green normal budgie

Now, on to Anivia's behaviour: I believe she is indeed being hyperactive and somewhat territorial not necessarily because she's female, but because she feels like the three new birds have "invaded" her territory. She's taken a liking to Pickle so is being more lenient, but probably is confused as to what the newcomers are doing.

During quarantine, put their cages in seperate rooms so they can't see each other. When you let Anivia out, close the door to the others' room, and vice versa.

Once the three have settled in, you can introduce them. By then you should have two good sized cages, the current white one and another one of similar size. The thing is, you can't house them together due to the gender differences. The aggression Anivia has already shown to Taffy and Marshall will not go away simply by separating them for a little bit. Tensions can run high in a flock when 1. there are an odd number of budgies or, more likely, 2. when the genders are different.

In this case, after they've all been introduced, rearrange the cage that will be used for Anivia so she doesn't try to "defend" it against another budgie. It seems like she likes Pickle the most, so after quarantine, try housing her with Pickle and housing Taffy and Marshal together and see how that works out. You may have to do some rearranging but hopefully, things work out.

I hope that was of help to you!

For additional relevant information, check out these links:

Be sure to ask any questions you may have, and let us know how things go.


and Princess Mallorn!
Thank you to Deb for her wonderful Faery magic
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