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budieoz 09-24-2016 09:10 PM

Im so excited got a flight cage yesterday
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Hi Everyone........
It has been a while since I have posted here and I wanted to update you all on the goings on here, first, it has been a year since I got Oz and Charlie how time has flown WOW....

I decided to finally go all out and got them a flight cage and they seem to really like it at first they were like what the heck :imagesCAUZORA7: but they seem to really like it. It measures 30 L X 17.5 W and 36 tall with a stand that adds 2 feet. and bar spacing of 1/4 inch.

I tried my best to decorate it and was hopeful to see pictures of your birds homes and get some ideas and make it nice without overdoing it. I think so far I did pretty good....

They don't like to go more than 1/2 way down so it looks funny only having toys on the upper portion of their home. When I set it up I put their bed perch and some toys in the same area as their other cage and YUP... they sleep in that same spot. I felt doing that would give them some familiarity and make them comfortable. They are slowly checking the new stuff out like a bell I put in as well as a mirror ( they don't obsess over mirrors) they like them but not to excess.

They seem happy and healthy. I really hope they now will fly around in there and take advantage of the space.... Also, I wonder how long until they are completely comfortable in there. I can see some curiosity with some new toys but they seem skittish to check it out.. But they are eating, playing and seem happy.. I will try to post more here sorry I have been gone so long....:clearwing 1:

also dumb question........ but my budgies seem to sit up high? I hardly ever see them in the lower area of their home I never have so I assume its a predatory thing where they feel safe up high??

these two are so funny now there sleeping! they seem happy in the new castle.:yellow:

StarlingWings 09-24-2016 09:23 PM

Hi Mark! It's good to hear from you :wave:

Oz and Charlie are beautiful, and they look very happy with their new palace :D It looks great!

Although they want to stay up top (which, you're right, is a natural instinct which helps them stay out of reach of some predators in the wild), you can move perches and some toys down a little, as well as have their food dishes down low so they're encouraged to go down and explore :thumbsup: With a little coaxing, they should settle into taking full advantage of their palace soon! ;)

Great update! :happy4:

budieoz 09-24-2016 10:21 PM

well thanks for the reply :) and yup I have food on top, middle and low so will see how they do... good to be back here :flb:

Therm 09-25-2016 05:05 AM

I have two of my birds in a flight cage and they tend to hang out at the top, but there are other things of interest throughout the cage so they do explore it.

I would probably remove the top lot of food to coax them down to the middle and then try and keep the food at the bottom. My cage has all the food pots at the bottom and they soon got used to where to go. :)

Good luck and hope to see you around the forum again soon. :)

shaz128blue 09-25-2016 07:44 AM

What a lovely budgie home you have, great advice here already on how to help them explore thier castle more.

Looking forward to more photos xx

FaeryBee 09-25-2016 05:59 PM

Hi Mark --

The mesh seed catcher you have around the bottom 2/3 of the cage probably doesn't help Oz and Charlie feel comfortable going down there to play.

I have large cages and my budgies utilize the entire cage.
If you move the mesh much lower on the cage, put some natural wood perches down lower and move their dish of pellets and water down gradually as Therm recommended, they will begin using that area more.

I also recommend giving them their ration of a high quality seed mix on the newspaper on top of the bottom grate each morning and evening. This encourages them to realize the bottom of the cage has good things! ;)

StarWingSky 09-25-2016 07:31 PM

Awesome, lucky you! :)
(more like lucky birds, actually!)

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