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Closed Thread
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Old 09-30-2016, 07:16 AM
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Default Female Budgies Bonding/For Warmth?

So ever since I've gotten my female budgies (I got them around the 2nd week of July this year), I've noticed many times that my two females budgies would huddle together in the corner and does the cutest thing with each other.
They would literally climb on top of one another, stand on top of one another (or even some cases lie down just for a few quick seconds), preen each other, rub against one another, chase each other in the corner, bury and rest their head on each other's backs, bury their heads underneath the other one's body and even their vent (they would literally put their heads underneath the other budgie's vent lol... Don't worry, their vent is clean). They do this in just one little corner. ><
It's absolutely so cute when they do it and while I doing that, they have never bitten each other or scared the other away. The only noises they really make are really quiet and soft chirps, but most of the time, none at all!

In case they are cold, and since I cover the cage at night, I have a few blankets to keep them cosy and to provide them more warmth during the night.

I just wanted to share this mini fact and story with you all hehe. I also want to ask whether this is just them bonding, for warmth or if it really is something else? I don't think its a negative thing, but I just want to know why they'd do this. ^^ Sorry for the lame question.

(Below are photos of them doing it one time. Sorry it's really dark.
I have many videos of them actually doing it but I'm not sure how to send videos here ^^;; Even right now, as I type this, they're doing its )



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Old 09-30-2016, 07:51 AM
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Your budgie girls are incredibly sweet! Bonded budgies will stand close to each other, ask to be preened by their mates by tilting their heads and fluffing up their cheeks, they can also feed each other and share the same sleeping spot. When sleeping for the night they can tuck their beaks onto their own backs, I have never seen them truly tucking their beaks on the mates' back and sleep in that fashion.

It's true that by being close together they can take advantage of the extra warmth, but that doesn't mean this is the reason for how they choose to sleep for the night, they do so because they like to be together and to take comfort in each other as they get ready for bedtime.

RIP sweet Tito (Summer 2008 - January 17th 2013).
You are missed and never will be forgotten.
Closed Thread


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