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Clevergirl 11-19-2016 04:22 AM

Even the bird thinks I'm overthinking this.
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First week with Jester who lives in my office with my laptop and what's left of my brain most days. When I first decided to get Jester I read books, I lurked forums like this one which seemed to be the best one, and I listened to a lot of youtube videos. So I have a lot of information only some of which conflicts. I have a few concerns still that I would welcome input on.

1. I have the Vision M02 cage. It was almost two days before Jester would come down to the bottom for food and water. She still tends to take flight when she hears a strange noise and huddle to the bars. She has knocked into perches doing so. I want to put the pedi perch in the cage but I am concerned that if I place it low she won't use it and if I place it higher she might bump it hard enough to harm herself.

2. I have two terrible felines who have never been allowed in the office and like to stand post outside the door and sing the song of their people in protest. This justifiably concerns Jester who clearly wants to hide. Should I make some sort of hiding cubby or get her a nest box to relax in? She's going to stay an only parakeet for the foreseeable future and I won't be breeding her ever.

3. I want to encourage her to eat more then her favorite seeds out of the seed mix. She completely ignores anything else. Should I try mixing in treats like millet or her favorite seeds into the veggies? Should I leave better food out full time and only offer seed at certain times?

4. She dunks her tail feathers in the water constantly. I offered a bath and she joyfully dunked her tail feathers and nothing else. Then she flies off to groom or do other important parakeet related activities. Next time she heads down for food or drink she dunks tail and repeats. Does this indicate anything or is Jester just a unique little personality. She's not sinking her entire back end in just the feathers.

Pictured. A hateful look after I turned off the happy parakeet youtube videos to take a phone call.

aluz 11-19-2016 08:54 AM

Hi there,

Since your Jester is still in the process of adjusting to her new cage and surroundings and given the fact she flies when scared and bumps into things in the process, it's best to not yet place the pedi perch in the cage and only do so when she is fully settled in and is completely comfortable and at ease on the cage and around you.
During this time, you can cover her cage on 3 sides (leaving front part uncovered) and have some soothing music on for her. This doesn't necessarily have to be budgie sounds and since she is a solo budgie, later on she may wonder where the singing budgie friends are and become agitated and anxious to meet them.

As for the cats, it's extremely important to keep them away from Jester, even when she is inside the cage.
The room Jester is in should be a completely cat free room.
There is no need for you to get Jester a nest box or any other type of hiding spot on the cage. This would only trigger breeding behaviour, leading to unwanted egg laying (even for a solo female budgie):

Yes, in order to encourage Jester to try out fresh foods, you can sprinkle a few seeds onto a leafy green, for example.
For all the detailed information and tips on how to improve your budgie's diet, be sure to check the Diet and Nutrition section.

When you offered Jester a bath, she most likely perched on it and since the tail feathers are the biggest ones in size, she inadvertently dunked them onto the bowl/birdie bath.
Once she feels the need to bathe, she will do so and the tail feathers will not be the only ones that get wet.

StarlingWings 11-19-2016 09:46 PM

Aluz has given great advice so I see no need to add anything else :D

She is very pretty, but I agree that she is still getting used to her surroundings so it's best not to introduce anything new for a while. ;)

Best of luck with Jester!

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