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mixxie 12-13-2016 12:55 PM

i lost my budgie Gina and brought another one
Unfortunately she flew away escaping and leaving behind jack. Ironically 1 day before she complete a year in my possession.
Jack was searching for her in 2days...and he stopped eating since then...i was so devastated also about what happened i cant sleep well.

I bought a new female and introduced it to him...i called her jill. But i kept her in a small transport cage for 2days but she isnt eating too so i decided to put a net between the cage dividing them and they managed to destroyed it..i rearranged the cage totally including the perches and toys too. I know i didnt followed the quarantine procedure but im much more concerned about their state of not eating and jack being lonely.

Jack is happy now with his new partner it seems like nothing has changed aside the female being frightened to me influencing jack too...seems im back to zero now

Can someone suggest me if im doing wrong?

aluz 12-13-2016 02:32 PM

I'm very sorry your Gina has escaped. :( Have tried to find her by posting flyers on your neighbourhood, closest vets/pet stores, contacting your local animal shelter? Advertising online can also be helpful.

While I do understand your concern over Jack, it's always recommended to follow quarantine measures before introducing a new budgie.
In cases like this one, having the new budgie checked by an avian vet specialist would have been the best course of action and depending on how the wellness check went, you could then break quarantine and start the introductions.

If the bond you have with Jack is solidified, you shouldn't expect a big setback on his taming. Since the new budgie is still very frightened of you, you can continue on working more closely with Jack in terms of training by spending one-on-one quality time with him.
As for your new budgie, it's best to take things slow and for now to make her used to your presence and voice by talking in a calm, positive, encouraging and reassuring way. Once she shows the first signs of being more curious and receptive to you, that's when you can move to the next step in training by slowly introducing your hand and offering her a little treat to eat through the cage's bars. By watching her body language and respecting the safe boundaries set by your budgie, you will know when to proceed.

For all the detailed information and tips on this subject, be sure to check the stickies at the Taming and Bonding section.

Good luck! :)

mixxie 12-13-2016 03:33 PM

I tried to and also asked my neighbours if some budgie flew into thier house...i'm going to ask the vet for an appointment to chek if jill is ok.
I didn't established a solid relation to jack as he is not really tamed but something i noticed is he is not curious to me anymore example when i use my phone and showing it to him he really likes it...but now since jill arrived he acts like he is frightened to me too as jill does. I can understand a bit after all it is my fault that gina left him. I will give him time to bond with me again. For now i will leave him like that

mixxie 12-15-2016 07:42 AM

So here is the thing. Adfter 3 days i noticed that they doing well each other jack is preening jill and fed her a couple of times too. He is beggining to court her too but i think he is being a bit pushy since he is beak tapping her is this thing normal? Anyways i separated them again and this time they can't see each other but only hear

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