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budgieladymommy 12-26-2016 11:34 AM

Crush between non cage-mates
So here is a picture of my daughters 2 babies, Lemon Lime Twist (yellow) and Cloudy Sky (white)

And here is a picture of my 2 babies, Blaze (the light blue) and Azurine (turquise)

My daughter and I have been noticing a trend when all 4 are out to play. Where Cloudy Sky goes Azurine goes. Here they are together.

So my question is this, do we put them in a cage together? Like swap cage mates? Granted Lemon Lime Twist and Cloudy Sky who are cage mates still get along quite well and she also follows Cloudy Sky around and they have been together much longer. They all seem happy the way they are. Maybe I should just let them play together.

StarlingWings 12-26-2016 01:19 PM

I think that since everybudgie gets along well within their cage pairs, it's best not to shuffle them around even though Cloudy Sky and Azurine are close, too.

Then, Lemon Lime and Blaze would have to be together, and they may not get on as well as Cloudy and Azurine.

So I think letting all of them out to play together but keeping the current pairs in the cage would be best :thumbsup:

BooksBudgies 12-28-2016 12:46 AM

I agree with StarlingWings :) Even though Cloudy Sky and Azurine get along outside of the cage, once they're in close boundaries with each other...who knows? Maybe they only like each other in small doses :giggle: Or one of them could be a little territorial, though that can be remedied through a series of means. But if everyone's getting along right now in their respective cages, I'd say they're fine. Maybe Cloudy Sky and Azurine are so close because they only get to spend a little bit of time together each day. It makes it special ;) Sweet little birds by the way

FaeryBee 12-28-2016 06:25 AM

Star has given you excellent advice.

Please be sure you review all of the stickies and budgie articles throughout the forum in order to follow best practices for your little friends' care.

Best wishes!

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