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Keratosis 10-24-2015 02:55 AM

Cage Help
Hiya, I'm a first time budgie owner and I have a very small budgie named Souji, or simply Sooj. Sooj is about 2 months old, probably closer to 6 weeks and I currently have him in a decently sized cage but I have aquired a much larger one. The larger one is much taller, so I'm not sure how good it would be so I need a little bit of help.

//I'm on mobile so apologies for my links

His current cage >

His new cage (a little different than pictured but same make and brand) >

An actual picture of the new cage but use the above for sizing because I can't find this one on the site >

Thank you very much!

Pretty boy 10-24-2015 08:40 AM

Budgies actually do better in a cage that is longer than higher. They like to move horizontally and fly across rather than up and down. If possible a longer cage is the best. :budgie:

Jonah 10-24-2015 10:12 AM

Hi Danielle, and welcome to talk budgies. As Cathy said, wider cages are better than tall ones. if your budgie is getting daily out of cage time and interaction with you, his cage is less of a factor. We would love to see pics of Sooj...:)

FaeryBee 10-24-2015 10:27 AM

Hi and :welcome: to Talk Budgies!

The "new cage" you've linked is definitely a better option that the hexagontal shaped cage you currently have Souji in. ;)
The hexagontal cage is 12 inches in diameter and 21 1/2 inches high to the top of finial

The product information indicates the new cage is
16-Inch Long, 14-Inch Wide, 32-Inch High with 1/2-Inch wire spacing

The new cage is not what would be considered to be *ideal*. If you have not yet used the cage and can do so, I would suggest returning it and getting one a bit different.

Please be sure the bar spacing on any cage you choose is no more than 1/2".

26-inch long, 14-inch wide, 20-inch high with 1/2-inch wire spacing

18-Inch long, 18-Inch wide, 24-Inch high with 1/2-Inch wire spacing

18-Inch long, 14-Inch wide, 26-Inch high with 1/2-Inch wire spacing

If you are unable to return it, the new cage will provide Souji with area to climb and jump from perch to perch. You'll want to ensure he utilizes the whole cage by putting his food and water dishes down very low in the cage so he gets used to the bottom rather than just hanging out in the top portion of the cage all of the time. ;)

To familiarize yourself with the forums, please take the time to read through all of the How To Guides, the FAQs and the stickies located at the top of each section of the forum.
You'll find most of your basic questions are answered after you've read through all of them.

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your budgie and hopefully seeing some pictures :photo: soon!! Rules and Guidelines
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If you have any questions after reading through everything, please be sure to ask!

Glad you decided to join us and looking forward to seeing you around the forums.


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