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rpphoto 12-15-2016 11:44 PM

Lets Talk DIY Cages
was looking at possibly up-cycling a old hutch or armoire...

also what would consider the ideal diemensons .. i would like to have a small pandemonium group, maybe 4 to 6

EDIT: I was thinking about, if i make it myself, around 36" x 48" x 36"

was just curious who has done something similar or just plain out built there own indoor cages....

its definitely cheaper then buying a new cage at hundreds of dollars....

lets see them pics...

JRS 12-16-2016 04:44 AM

There are quite a few DIY bird cages on YouTube that are furniture adaptations, though they tend to be built more for finches/canaries. Softbill birds tend not to chew at the wood and therefore the wood type, treatment and paint/varnish issues are less significant than for budgies. It can be difficult to clean in the wooden joints and with (usually) solid back, sides, base and roof, they can be quite dark, so would need to be placed in a well lit area.
I did consider doing this a year ago for my canary but decided against it due to the above reasons.
If you can find a way to do it safely though, they can look very attractive and it's nice to have something unique!

With regards to sizes and numbers, you can find guidance here:

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