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midoritori 03-14-2017 11:56 PM

Any hooded stainless steel bowls? Or safe hooded ceramic bowls?
So in my cage with all of my budgies they keep pooing in their water bowl. I have changed it's position so many times, even putting it really high up so nothing is above it etc etc. I think they like to stop and perch on the bowl and just enjoy the view whether high up or on the ground.

Are there any hooded stainless steel bowls out there? I could not find any. I typically use stainless steel as I've heard it is really a safe vessel to store their water in.

What about those ceramic hooded bowls? Can they leach any lead into their water or anything? I'd get but just wasn't sure about this.

I'm not interested in storing their water in plastic.

Thanks so much

JRS 03-15-2017 06:57 AM

I've never seen any stainless steel ones.

I think ceramic is generally safe, And that the main issue is just to check that it isn't cracked and is glazed properly and so doesn't absorb/leak water.
There's this ceramic one, but read the reviews (might not solve your problems) :dunno:

What about glass? You could try the glass cage bottles commonly used for rodents, but obviously make sure that your birds can all use it before removing other dish.

I've used a plain glass tea light holder on the cage floor with a platform perch above to stop bits falling in there.

iHeartPieds 03-16-2017 04:36 AM

I know you said you don't want to store their water in plastic, but honestly I would reccomend using a plastic water dispenser. The birds have easy access to the water but it's harder for them to poop in it. It works great for my birds. Here's a link in case you don't know what I'm talking about.

Pet Shop Direct - Kazoo Bird Auto Feeder 16cm

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