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Housing for Budgies Discuss Cages, Cage Set-Ups and Aviaries

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Old 04-12-2017, 11:21 PM
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Default Possible cage upgrade: opinions please

I currently have my 2 budgies in something similar to this cage (30x18x18):

You & Me Finch Rectangle Flight Cage | Petco

I like nothing about it. It's hard to clean, feathers and food fly everywhere, it has slide-up doors, and it has very few horizontal bars for the birds to climb on.

Would this cage be an acceptable replacement in which to house two budgies (16 x 25 x 34)?


I'm not a huge fan of the vertical shape of this cage, but I'm thinking it may be worth the sacrifice.

Opinions? Does anybody have experience with vision cages?


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Old 04-13-2017, 01:15 AM
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I do not have a Vision cage but I considered the L01 model. It is the single story large and is a much better shape for the birds to me as it is more horizontal. People tend to either really love or really hate these cages.....it is the snap off bottom rather than a slide out tray that makes them contain the mess so well so it just works differently than what most cages do.
Old 04-13-2017, 05:32 AM
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I agree that the slighter larger L01/L02 would be better (note that the large size comes in two different bar spacings - the L11/L12 is too wide)


I have the L02 for my canary.

The pros:
This design is really fantastic at minimising the mess around cages.
It has horizontal bars.
It allows the owner to access food dishes (and paper floor lining if no grate) with minimal intrusion, if needed for e.g. a scared or very territorial bird.
I like the single/double door idea.

The cons:
It's worth noting that the measurements stated are the maximums I.e. The base is larger than the barred area. Measuring my L02, the barred area is actually only 13.5" wide x 27.5" long!!!
No pull out tray - The cage needs to be lifted off the base. I don't use the grate. I have multiple layers of paper on the base, and remove the top layer each day via the seed dish drawer. I only detach the base every fortnight for a proper clean and to renew the paper stack. That's easy to do but I'd expect it to be a nuisance to do daily, as you'd need space at the side of the cage to put down the top part whilst you deal with the base.
If you don't like plastic food dishes, then due to the slot in design, you will struggle to find other dishes that would fit in that same place - if you place dishes higher, then the mess containment may be less effective. I use the cage dishes for dry seeds but higher stainless steel ones for wet/fresh foods.

My two budgies, have a single flight cage, I usually have bits of food & feathers scattered around it, even with a vacuum twice a day , but I personally feel that they're happier with that extra space. That being said, I know that a number of members are very happy with the vision cage.
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