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RainyDay 11-12-2017 02:35 PM

4 budgies cage size
I have 4 budgies in 2 different cages and I would like to build flight cages for them and my conure.
My question is how big should the cage be if I were to house the 4 budgies together? I understand that they might not get along and I am prepared for the possibility of having to keep 3 cages however it would make some things easier to only have 2.
The cage design I made, using ideas from things I've seen online, would be about 5-6ft tall(the bottom couple ft would be storage) 3-4ft long, and for the budgies I'm not sure how deep but I'm thinking 2ft deep for the conure. Do these measurements look okay? I want it tall so I can stand and see them/talk to them and also wide so they can actually fly instead of their sad perch wing flapping, but even 1ft seems like it might be deep enough for the budgies but I might be wrong?
I figure if the 4 don't mix then maybe i could make the budgie cage so it has 2 parts 1 top 1 bottom? Or does that cause issues?
Sorry lots of random questions and rambling. I've been making cage designs for years(not just birds) but never built any of them so I'm really hoping to do that now so I'd like to get the size right. Any help/opinions/advice is appreciated. The pic is of more or less what I'm hoping to make but not as deep

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FaeryBee 11-12-2017 03:07 PM

You won't want to go less than 18" deep for the budgies' cage.

For your four budgies, interior cage space of 3-4 feet long and 2 feet deep and 4 feet high will be a great size!

RainyDay 11-12-2017 04:56 PM

Fair enough. Thanks Faerie. Might as well do the whole 2ft wide for them as well. I'd be using 22s so I can't imagine that would affect the interior size? Other than the height of course. Also would corrugated plastic be an okay choice for the bottom and back, maybe top? With no edges available for anyone to get a grip of course. I'm home almost 24/7 and they are in my living room so I imagine I would notice if they got a hold. If not, what else could I use that's lightweight and durable and preferably not expensive?

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FaeryBee 11-12-2017 07:29 PM

I'm not sure what you mean by a corrugated plastic bin... could you maybe post a link or a picture? The trays in the bottom of flight cages are plastic so if it is a hard plastic, I imagine it would be fine.

RainyDay 11-12-2017 10:36 PM

The white plastic used here. Which if a guinea pig is safe it's probably the same for birds so I may have answered my own question. Unless anyone has had any bad experiences with it? I'd want to put it on the sides like in this cage too just to try to help hold in food etc.

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FaeryBee 11-13-2017 03:10 AM

I see no reason that couldn't be used for the purpose you stated.

RainyDay 11-13-2017 11:59 AM

Great! Thanks! :)
I'll hopefully be able to start building soon and I'll be posting pictures for sure!

Now I'm off to find advice on a suddenly beaky conure..


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FaeryBee 11-14-2017 08:08 AM

We'll be looking forward to seeing pictures posted in this thread as your project progresses.

Best wishes!

RainyDay 12-10-2017 12:22 PM

I've always wanted to make this a cage(for anything!) as soon as I saw it. Any thoughts?
It is approx. 3x2x2.5
Of course it has to be cleaned, needs a front with a door, etc. How could I go about attaching perches and toys with something like this? Should I drill air holes near the top for extra ventilation?
I also plan on having a light of some sort in the top/back. I have timers, and led lights wouldn't get hot. I'm sure I could find a way to cover it safely out of harms way..

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FaeryBee 12-10-2017 03:14 PM

What type wood is the cabinet made from?
Is the wood budgie safe?

Personally, I wouldn't want my birds to be that enclosed.

The budgies need to be able to climb and see out.
In my opinion, at a minimum the back needs to be removed and stainless steel wire mess used there as well as on the front, instead of wood, to give them more area that is open rather than what is currently shown.

You'll have to ensure the wood is untreated.
Any remnants of stain, paint, or other chemical treatments could be toxic to your birds when they start chewing the wood. Which they likely will at some point, simply because they are birds.
So, any portion the the wood that the birds come in contact with is going to need to be completely sanded down.

When creating or buying housing for any animal, I believe it is important to keep in mind what is most practical and beneficial as far as the animal's health and well-being is concerned, rather than what you may think is aesthetically pleasing to your eye.

Perches and toys can be attached to the wire mesh and you can drill holes in the wood to insert the screw rods from perches into those sections.

Hopefully, if you decide to use the cabinet, you'll be able to ensure the birds needs are well-met in the process.

Best wishes!

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