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FaeryBee 02-04-2014 10:20 AM

How to Post Full Size Pictures from a Photo Sharing Site

Updated July 7, 2017

PhotoBucket has recently changed their policy and is now expecting people to pay $400.00 per month to share photos on a third party site.

Photobucket addresses complaints over new policy that charges heavy users $400

I recommend you use IMGUR as a free photo-sharing site

Registration with IMGUR is free and so far they are not charging for people to share photos on third party sites.

Once you upload your photos to IMGUR, then generate the codes.

Copy and paste the code that reads: "Linked BBCode (message boards)" into your posts.

1. Create IMGUR account

2. Create Album(s) in your IMGUR Account and upload your images

3. Generate Codes by clicking the top right of the picture in your album and then use the drop down menu.

4. Click "Get Shared Links"

5. Choose the "BB Code" which is for use in forums. Copy and paste THAT code into your post.

6. When I want to post multiple pictures, I copy the BB IMG code from each picture into a Word Document, then copy and paste all of the BB IMG codes into my post.

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