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FaeryBee 02-22-2015 10:28 PM

How to Embed YouTube Videos in a Post
Thanks go to Yung for providing us with the following tutorial!

************************************************** *****

I've put spaces in the links I provided as examples because without the spaces in the link, the software would process the embedding effect and I wouldn't be able to properly show you how to do it.

All Youtube links look like this: com/watch?v=dVDk7PXNXB8

For this custom BB code to work, we're only interested in the portion of the link "v=dVDk7PXNXB8". Every youtube video will show a different coding in this portion but it will always be some form of "v=".

In the above example, copy the portion after "v=". That means we copy only "dVDk7PXNXB8".

In a thread/post/pm, type in the following bb code MINUS all the spaces.

[you t u b e]dVDk7PXNXB8[/you t u be]

Once you do that, you will see the magic work.


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