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Dave 12-31-2006 01:22 PM

How to Create a Thread
This guide will explain how to create a thread. Keep in mind that you can only create threads in forums that you have permission to. If you don't have permission to create a thread in a certain forum, you will receive an error.

To create a new thread, it is easiest to go the the forum home page. You will see a list of all the forums. Find the forum you want to create the thread in, and click on it. Then click the "New Topic" button:

Once you have clicked the "New Topic" button, you will see the thread creation form. This form is pretty self-explanatory.
  1. The first box to fill in is the Title box. What do you want the title of the thread to be? Be sure it's something informative, but not too long. Just using "Question" isn't very good. This thread could be about anything. Using "Question about which type of seed to use" would be much better.
  2. Next is the thread description. This field is optional. If you want to elaborate on your title, without making the title itself too long, use this field. "Question about which type of seed to use" is a bit long, so we're going to use the Thread and Thread Description fields together to make it look better. The title will be "Question about seed." The thread description will be "What type to use?" That's a lot better! Both field are short, but not too short. Using these two fields together will give other users a good idea about what your thread is about.
  3. The next part of the form is where you create the post for your thread. Depending on the type of editor you're using, there might be a lot of features here, or hardly any. Most people will use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, as it is the most feature-rich. There are basic formatting tools, such as bold, italics, and underline, as well as more advanced formatting tools, such as lists, links, indenting, etc. We are going to go in order of the button, starting in the top left, and describe each one.
    1. will remove all formatting done in your post (or any text in the post you highlight).
    2. The Fonts drop down list allows you to change the text font face.
    3. The Sizes drop down list allows you to change font size.
    4. The Font Color drop down list allows you to change font color.
    5. - provides a list of smilies to include in your post.
    6. opens up the attachments window.
    7. undoes the last change made to your post.
    8. will redo that change.
    9. increase/decrease the size of the post-editing box
    10. switches editor mode (standard, basic, WYSIWYG)
    11. bolds the text you type, or the text you select. Click again to turn off (unless you only bolded highlighted text).
    12. italicizes the text you type, or the text you select. Click again to turn off (unless you only italicized highlighted text).
    13. underlines the text you type, or the text you select. Click again to turn off (unless you only underlined highlighted text).
    14. left-aligns your text
    15. first, highlight the text you want to make a link, then click this button. A prompt will come up. Insert the URL for the link and hit OK.
    16. highlight a link or part of a link and click this button to remove a link
    17. inserts an e-mail link. Works the same way as the link button, except you enter an e-mail address instead of a URL.
    18. inserts an image into your post. Click the button and enter the URL of the image.
    19. inserts QUOTE tags.

      Highlight text and click this button to turn that text into a quote.
    20. inserts CODE tags.

      Highlight text and click this button to turn that text into a code.
    21. inserts HTML tags.
      HTML Code:

      Is not used to make HTML available. Is used to show HTML code without parsing it.
    22. inserts PHP tags.
      PHP Code:

      Is not used to make PHP availableIs used to show PHP code without parsing it

    23. slashs the text you type, or the text you select.
    24. Smilies box - click a smiley to insert it.
  4. The next part of the form is the Post Icons. These are optional. If you wish to include a Post Icon with your thread, select one. These are used to show emotion. So for example, if you are asking a question, you could use the question mark icon. You may not select any so no icon will appear.
  5. If you're done, hit the Submit New Thread button.
  6. If you want to see what your post will look like prior to submitting, hit the Preview Post button.
  7. There are additional options you may choose:
    1. Show your signature - if you unselect this, your signature will not appear. if you select this, it will appear.
    2. Automatically parse links in text - if you select this, entering a URL in your post will automatically be made in to a clickable link. If you don't want this, unselect this option.
    3. Disable smilies in text - if you have code in your text that you don't want to be turned into smilies, turn this option on.
    4. Manage attachments - you can attach files to your post if you wish.
    5. Thread Subscription - choose the type of subscription you want. If you don't want any subscription to the thread, leave this alone.
    6. Post a Poll - this will add a poll to your thread. Choose the number of poll options you will want in your poll. After you hit the Submit New Thread button, you will be redirected to the Edit Poll page.

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