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Hollen 05-17-2016 09:59 PM

New budgie naming woes
Hi all! Well, thanks to our fairy godmother Jo Ann, we were able to find a breeder within a five hour drive of us. He is great, and has been sending us pics of breeding pairs, etc. Last night, we got a pic of a recessive pied sky baby boy and fell in love! We are planning to go get him in mid July! I will see if the breeder minds if I post one of the pics he sent, so I can share.

Alas, the naming debate has begun. Alex, the 10 year old budgie fanatic, had thought he might like to name his next bird Flash. It sounds kind of super hero-ish, and he seemed settled. Upon seeing the pic of this pied bird, with his little "pops" of sky blue, Alex changed his mind. "This is Bubbles," he announced. My husband, ever the manly man, balked. Bubbles sounds silly, childish, emasculating (to the bird, I guess?). Wanting to make peace, I suggested adding a qualifier, to both give such a fancy bird a more formal name, and to beef up the macho factor. Alex loved this idea and came in strong with "Bubbles the Annihilator." Wanting to offer options that conveyed the controlled masculine power of this majestic creature, I suggested either "Bubbles the Disemboweler" or "Bubbles the Impaler." It was at this point that I began to get rather disgusted looks from the husband, who I think thought we were poking fun. Ever the peacemaker, I offered the option of lying to his friends and saying the bird's name was Bubba. Here in the south there are many fine, manly Bubbas about.

In the end, we decided that the naming must be done with the bird's personality in mind, so we are waiting to meet him before deciding. In light of personality being a factor, pray for us that he doesn't end up as Bubbles the Disemboweler!:laughing:

shanebudgie 05-17-2016 10:07 PM

Greetings well I hope your new budgie won't be a troublesome budgie lol.maybe he'll be a sweet charming little fellow there.blessings and I love coward to hearing about this by then.:green pied:

Hmm maybe he'll be bubbles the great?

StarlingWings 05-17-2016 11:58 PM

Leslie, that's so funny! :giggle:

How amusing to hear about all the conversations you all had about naming him! :rolleyes:

I'm so excited you've found such a great breeder through JoAnn as well as the perfect baby boy to come home with you! :clap: I can hardly wait :jumping: until he's home with his new family!

Personally, I've always thought the name Ronan was super manly, but still cute--but who knows? Bubbles the Disemboweler comes pretty close :laughing:

I'm quite excited to meet this handsome fellow and I'm sure a name will come much more naturally once you've met him :D

FaeryBee 05-18-2016 07:44 AM

That is too, too funny!! :laughing:

I truly hope the poor little budgie doesn't end up called "Bubbles the Disembowler".
Hopefully once you meet him Alex will go back to deciding that "Flash" or perhaps Star's suggestion of "Ronan" is more appropriate. ;) :laughing2:

Hollen 05-18-2016 08:03 AM

Yes, we've all three been giggling over this conversation now. Hubby came around to the possibility of a Bubbles after it was pointed out that 1: budgies are naturally secure in their manhood and 2: budgies seem to love those "p" and "b" sounds if they choose to talk with us. Both points are evident in the many happy, chatty Pretty Boys out there! Alex also pointed out that there is a Bubbles in the Angry Birds game, and what is more manly than a destructive, pig-hating feathered projectile!:laugh:

Shanebudgie, you are so right- knowing the people responsible for this precious boy's existence, he can' be anything but "the Great". He looks so sweet in the picture we all just can't wait to give him little kisses!

Star, I love the name Ronan! Some of our favorite friends named their son that. Also, it rhymes with Conan, so perhaps we could add "the Barbarian " to the list? I'm sure the millet seeds would agree!:D

Deb, just thinking of a sweet little bird named Bubbles the Disemboweler gives me the giggle-snorts. We can't damage his little birdie rep with such an awful name! I think we are all ok with just plain Bubbles, Flash, or whatever the little guy seems to be. Maybe he will whisper his little birdie secrets to us when we meet him, and we'll just know! :blue pied:

Jo Ann 05-18-2016 09:32 AM

I am so glad your little one will be coming home soon. Do not forget the first aid kit and Info here on TB. Alex, your Mom and Dad can help you find the items to make the best first aid kit ever. Budgies love to chew so give him lots of chew toys and a little millet spray for treats. Enjoy sharing with your new friend. Blessings, Jo Ann:Love birds:

Hollen 05-18-2016 09:41 AM

JoAnn, that's so funny you said that-,yesterday we made some stops at pharmacies and shops to grab some replenishments/ additions to our first aid kit, and today or tomorrow Alex and I will go down the list and box everything in a bin, and order anything we are still missing. My husband, Grant, has been really creative and helpful here- he was the one who brought home baby syringes and I.V. Catheters to help medicate Spiral, and he was really into the first aid kit assembly. One of my first goals with new budgie is to teach him to take some yummy treats/ veggie juices from a syringe as a good thing. That way, if we ever have to give him medicine, it isn't traumatic. Spiral taught us so much!

We also attended an exotic bird fair last weekend. It was our first chance to see English budgies in person. Alex had a great time looking at all the birds, but he was just enamored with those budgies. We used the opportunity to stock up on natural wood perches, water tubes, and Alex used some of his money to buy new toys for his new best friend. We are so, so excited! There is so much to do to get ready- hopefully the time between now and July will fly by!

Jo Ann 05-18-2016 10:54 AM

Our budgies love original kabobs, Manu roses, lava rocks, ans spinach /grass/milet rings for treats. sold by foster and smith vet catalog. Lady gouldian finch
has wonderful Herb salad, powdered minerals for a treat cup or sprimkle on moist food, hig protein food without egg so you can add egg or if weather is not too hot , serve without cuttle bone in 5 lb box it never goes bad and you can microwave. Brown mineral wheel we get at a feed store in Newnan. It has iodine which budgies need . Kelp and bee pollen are also great. be sure to have a ceramic heat only lamp and reflector. we also use a portable pet heat disc sold on amazon. heat for 5+- min and stays warm for 8 hrs no electric cords to travel with in cars etc. Avitech brand at Windy City Parrot has great supplements and Avitech cleaning solution , and sugar free electrolyte. He will be so happy in his new home. Blessings, Jo Ann:Love birds:

Stranding 05-18-2016 12:33 PM

I'm killing myself here :laughing:

If the poor little mite really is to be called Bubbles-the-(VeryHorribleTormentorOfSomeCruelKind) you would do well to read up a bit about the honourable history of the word / thingie!!

Then you would be well-armed with knowledgeable ripostes galore should any cruel, ribald tormentor cast rude aspersions in a baby birdie direction...

Of course, if you teach him well, when he's older, he will be well-winged to do that himself. :fencing:
The Story of "Bubbles" : Tony Allen

He may then even want to change his name to "Bubbles the Clean" :lol:

Therm 05-18-2016 01:00 PM

I love the fact that the name bothers you're husband so much. LOL! It's a budgie, does he plan to carry a photo in his wallet and take it for walks outside? ;)
But seriously, any budgie name is a good name, as long as Alex is happy with his new little friend.

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