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Thread Description:Clara flew away

Closed Thread
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Old 06-26-2015, 10:17 PM
ghostfinder (Linda)
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Unhappy Blue parakeet flew away

I am sad and desperate as my parakeet Bolt.

Today, my sister accidentally opened the door and let my parakeet, Clara fly outside and get lost in the suburb neighborhood. I live in Selden, NY and this is the second time that a parakeet flew away from me.

Here's the hold background story with my green budgie, Bolt.
(2010) When I first got Bolt, he was 1 year old when I met him from the pet store because he was suppose to be a mate for Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi was a green wild-like budgie and he's friendly. All the sudden, Chi-Chi died one year later after Bolt had a fight with him. Chi-Chi had a wing injury and then died from a stroke because of blood loss.

(2011) I punished Bolt for killing him by not getting a mate until in April 2011. I later brought a blue budgie, named Clara. Bolt and Clara did get along with each other without a problem. Clara was a 6 month old budgie when I first brought her. They get along with each other and Clara was definitely friendly and bossy toward Bolt.

(2015) Bad thing happens today that Clara flew away from me because of my sister's fault. She let the door open and she was holding onto Clara and Clara bit her which makes her flies away. I believed Clara was panicked and even when she's out there, she's scared all alone. I believed she didn't mean to fly away.

Clara is four years old since I brought her and Bolt is 6 years old when I brought him in 2010. I believe if I get Bolt another mate if Clara doesn't come back in 2-3 days, he'll become depress. I don't want that to happen to him.

Clara was out in the morning today at 10:10 am and I put the cage out for hours to make Bolt to call for her until 5pm. She never came back and even my sister says that Clara did reply to him 5 times. She never find her way home. I searched the neighborhood three times and asked the neighbors if they seen Clara, but they haven't. I had a hard time to distinguish budgie and wild birds sounds because robins and budgies almost sound the same. I had a hearing loss, but I'm not completely deaf.

The last time I fed Clara was yesterday....I don't think she can last after 2-3 days without food.
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Old 06-26-2015, 10:32 PM
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Jonah (Randy)
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Sorry to hear of this unfortunate accident,. Do not give up hope. We had a member here recently that lost her tiel and got him back. Put out flyer's everywhere you can, call the local vet's offices, run add's on craig's list etc. put the word out and keep looking. It is warm out, there is plenty of food and water for your bird to eat, you may be fortunate and get her back. Prayer's for the safe return of your little friend...

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He came down to rescue, He came down to save
Closed Thread


blue parakeet, lost budgie

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