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WeasleyLover 11-19-2013 05:39 PM

My Darling Dudley
One year ago my Dudley flew to the Rainbow Bridge.

Dudley was a very special little budgie. After my Jacob passed away last year, my Weasley became very sad and depressed. So I thought that another male budgie would help her. Even though I was totally not ready for another budgie, so close to the time of Jacob's death, but I did, so my Weasley could (hopefully) have another male friend. So I went out and got Dudley, Dudley Jacob Periwinkle, from a pet store in early November 2012. He was such a cute little budgie, blueish periwinkle and fat.

Now, I did something very bad with Dudley. With birds, you are supposed to quarantine them for a month to make sure they are healthy and don't spread illnesses to your flock. But I did. Even though I knew the risks, I still did it anyway. He was only in quarantine for a week, maybe less. So I let him meet my lady budgies. He liked them, and took a liking to Weasley, but none of the ladies were really interested.

A day or so after that, I had all of the budgies, including Dudley, running around on the floor. I only had Peatree out, and she was sitting on her little t-stand on the floor next to me. I was talking to Pea, and watching the budgies play, and then something interesting happened. Dudley ran over, climbed up to bottom of the t-stand, and sat next to Peatree. I was horrified, because she has hated all of my budgies. I went to grab him, but I noticed something. Peatree wasn't upset at all the he decided to come sit with her. I thought, "okay, I guess she it just in a good mood today." So I just sat and watched them, figuring that Pea would get fed up at some point, and want him off. But her next move, instead of going to push him off, or bite him, she started to preen him. MY Peatree, the bird who has hated ALL of my other budgies, was PREENING one. I was just shocked. After she was done preening him, do you know what she did? She started bowing her head down next to him, asking him to preen her. He didn't really know what to do, but after awhile he did preen her a bit. They sat together for the longest time, and did so many other times after that. They were an awesome odd-couple.

On November 19th 2012, Dudley with sitting in a cage with Weasley (I was trying to get them used to each other), and I was sitting in the living room on my computer. My sister came to me and said the Dudley was sleeping by the food bowl, and that it was so cute and I had to come look. I told her okay, and that I'd be there in a moment. I figured he was just snuggled up next to the food dish like I've seen other budgies do before. After I finished what I was doing, I got up to see what my sister was talking about.

To my horror, when I looked in the cage to see, Dudley wasn't sleeping on the bottom. He was just lying there. I thought he was dead. I reached in the cage to get him, and he wasn't dead, but it was obvious that he was dying. I was shocked. I didn't know what to do, I'd never had to deal with anything like that before. I think that the first thing I did was hold him up and show him to my dad, who was sitting in the living room. I held him up and said that he was dying. I was hoping that he would respond with something helpful, and tell me what to do. I was shocked by his response, it totally lacked sympathy. He said something along the line of, "what do you want me to do?" and shrugged his shoulders. After that I rushed to the office and hurried onto one of my bird forums to ask for help. I typed one handed while I cradled Dudley in the other. After I typed my post, I just sat there in the office chair, shocked. My mom was still at work, and she had our car. There was no way for me to get him to a vet at the time.

I tried so hard to keep calm, so my Dudley wouldn't be scared. I held him in my arms, and he tried to grab my fingers with his feet, and lift his head up to look at me. It was such a heart wrenching sight. I wrapped him up in a warm blanket, and held him and talked to him. I told him that I loved him so much.

When my mom got home, she said the we couldn't take him to a vet. She said that he was just a "$19 budgie" and besides, there wasn't anything a vet could do for him. That is when I lost my calmness, and started sobbing. I knew deep down in my heart that there was probably nothing a vet could do (plus, there were no avain vets open, it was night time), but knowing that we at least tried would have made me feel so much better.

I tried to get him to eat some millet and drink some water, and he did take a little. At that point I was just crying so hard, and had gotten a horrible headache. So I laid down on the couch, with Dudley snuggled next to me, and closed my eyes and tried to calm down. At some point, Dudley started squawking and flapping his wings. It gave me a little hope that he would make it.

An hour or so later, he passed away. I was totally heart broken and mad at myself. It was 100% my fault, and I knew it.

I was so scared for the rest of my birds. Afraid that Dudley had something dangerous that he spread to all the other birds. Thankfully, if he did have something bad, it did not spread to my others, and they were all fine.

I only had Dudley for 15 days. But I got really attached to him. I miss him so much.

Rest In Piece Dudley Jacob Periwinkle
You will always be known as the only budgie to befriend Peatree
November 19th 2012

Crazy_Bird_Lady 11-19-2013 06:46 PM

I'm so sorry. Please know it wasn't your fault! :hug: He sounded like a very special bird and you were lucky to have each other in your lives if even for a short time. I'm sorry your parents weren't understanding. I love the picture you posted of the two of them. He was a sweet looking bird. Rest in peace, Dudley.

LynandIndigo 11-19-2013 09:31 PM

I am sorry for the loss of Dudley... It is not your fault.. He sounds like a special bird.. Remember the special Memories as they are in your heart forever.. Sing a Beautiful Song Dudley you were very much Loved by your Mum...

aluz 11-20-2013 03:06 AM

I'm so sorry you had to go through this...:( It is clear how special Dudley was and the impact he had in his short time with you.
Please don't blame yourself, budgies are very good at hiding illnesses and unfortunately in your Dudley's case there was not much you could do besides giving him the comfort and being there for him during his crossing to the other side.

Rest in peace, sweet Dudley.

Budget baby 11-20-2013 04:02 AM

Although you had such a short time with Dudley he made a huge dent in your heart, he brought love to you and Peatree, he is at peace now and what you did for him in the end was comforting for him Memories are there forever it is sad when non budgie people pass horrible, uncaring words and shoe no feelings they are the ones missing out !:D

FaeryBee 11-20-2013 08:20 AM


Dudley is happy playing at the Rainbow Bridge and wants you to think of him with joy, not sadness. :hug:

I know you miss him and I hope that time will bring you peace.

Aisliyna 11-21-2013 06:51 AM

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Sometimes it's not the time you know them but the bond you have. There's such a thing as love at first sight when it comes to animal friends too, I've always believed that.

Rest in peace Dudley.

Jonah 11-21-2013 10:33 AM

I am sorry Dudley left you so soon

TinyBaby 11-21-2013 11:07 AM

I am sorry. We all make mistakes, that is how we learn.

Budgiekin 11-21-2013 12:48 PM

I'm so sorry about Dudley. It is never a good time to say good-bye to our little ones and the attachment we feel for them doesn't take long to grow. Hold onto those memories you have of your little darling Dudley befriending Peatree.

Fly high and free sweety...

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