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Squeak_Crumble 12-19-2007 03:20 AM

RIP Disco............................................. ........
any deas wat mighteve caused it??

JDM EJ1 95 12-20-2007 12:25 AM

she was fighting a bacterial infection which in turn made mucus build in her throat.

im guessing over the day she went from fine to probably suffocating cause she couldnt breath.. i feel so bad for her.

budgies 12-20-2007 10:08 AM

I'm sorry to hear about Disco, it's very sad... my sympathies to you.

christina 12-20-2007 12:48 PM so sorry..RIP Disco :sad3:

Pippin's mom 12-20-2007 08:12 PM

I'm so sorry for the loss of your beauiful Disco. :sad3:

Devonbunny 12-24-2007 05:01 PM

I'm so sorry.

RIP dear Disco.

Jules x

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