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Flappy 05-04-2008 10:42 AM

RIP: Sparkie, Cheeky, and Sparkie 2
RIP Sparkie <3

(Died: about 22 years ago)

My memories of you are really vague, as i was only a toddler when we had you. But the memories i do have of you are of a budgie that was very sweet natured and friendly. I remember you sitting on my dad's finger, and i remember feeling sad when you developed a tumour, which eventually killed you.

I hope you are happy in Budgie heaven. I love you, RIP :budge: xx

RIP Cheeky <3

(Died: about 6 years ago)

Since i joined Talk Budgies, i have learned a lot about looking after budgies, and i've realised it wasn't your fault. I'm sorry i put you in the position i did, and i'm sorry i've blamed you for all these years. You were just a young female, and you didn't get along very well with Herbie. I'm sorry i never got to know you, or gave you the attention i should have, and i'm even more sorry we gave you away.

I hope you forgive me. I love you, RIP, :budgie: xx

RIP Sparkie (2) <3

(Died: about 8 years ago)

You were my nanna's budgie, but i couldn't go without mentioning you. You were a lovely budgie, and i always feel a little regret that you didn't get enough attention or time out of the cage. You were a sweet little budgie, who i will never forget.

I love you, RIP, :budge: xx

Rosie 05-05-2008 03:20 PM

They all indeed sounded great little birds. May they fly free at Rainbow Bridge...:budgie:

keet_tweet4 05-05-2008 03:22 PM

I'm so free little ones. :(

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