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Meskhenet 08-05-2014 01:41 AM

Sonny has an hour left to live
Yesterday he started crying like a kitten, he was puffed up, sleeping a lot and very cold and weak, he even vomited up his last dose of medicine and it's caked in his feathers. We spoke to the avian vet and they said he's dying. He's had chronic respiratory problems after a bout of pneumonia last year. We've been treating him with antibiotics but he's got worse. He can barely keep his eyes open or stay on his feet. The vet said either let him die on his own or get him put down, so we're going with the latter as I can't stand to see my baby like this. I've taken some photos of him, given him lots of cuddles and sung Halo to him, mum's just made an appointment for him to be put to sleep at a different vet in an hour. This has happened so suddenly and it's my worst nightmare come to life. He's so weak he doesn't mind being wrapped up in a wash cloth when normally he wiggles out.

Impeckable 08-05-2014 02:42 AM

Oh no, what can I say apart from I'm soooo sorry, he's a stunning bird and I really feel for you, he will be sadly missed, RIP little one.

aluz 08-05-2014 02:49 AM

I'm so sorry to hear this...:( I know how difficult it is to reach that decision but in the end you are doing what's right for your Sonny. I'm sure he appreciates all the love and care you have given him during the time he was with you.
You have my deepest sympathies.

Rest in peace, beautiful Sonny. You were much loved and will be missed.

Meskhenet 08-05-2014 03:15 AM

he's gone now. I cuddled him all the way to the vet in the back seat of the car. he's been buried now, I sang Halo as mum covered his little box with dirt.

woodsy 08-05-2014 03:45 AM

I am so very sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Sonny, your memory lives on.

Pretty boy 08-05-2014 04:52 AM

My heart is aching as I know yours is, your sweet Sonny tried so hard you did all you could and them made the hardest decision any one could possibly have to make. Fly high and free Sonny to the rainbow Bridge with the flock in peace now. The tears and hurt you feel prove the love you had for Sonny carry the memory and think of him often the sweet boy he was.

BirdCrazyJill 08-05-2014 11:57 AM

Poor guy, so sorry to hear :( :hug:

jellyblue 08-05-2014 12:16 PM

Rest in Peace, sweet handsome Sonny. Keep his cute face and happy song close to your heart, and he will be with you forever. The most difficult decisions are made with the most love. I am so sorry for your loss.

Jonah 08-05-2014 03:04 PM

My heart goes out to you Shennae...sometimes being a good pet owner is very hard. You did the right thing to stop your babies pain...:(

FaeryBee 08-05-2014 03:51 PM


I'm so very sorry for your loss of darling little Sonny. :hug:

I know the decision you made was extremely difficult but by doing so you gave Sonny the greatest gift of love you could ever make -- easing his way on to the Rainbow Bridge.

It is because of Love we Grieve
Because of Love we are also comforted
in our Sorrow

In Memories, may you find Healing
In Time, may you find Peace
In the Power of Love, may you find Comfort.

Fly High and Free little one -- Rest In Peace sweet Sonny.

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