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mattytude 12-29-2014 06:14 PM

Rest Peacefully Wild Bird
Hey Talk Budgies-ers!

I wanted to share a sad but enlightening experience I had today.

I was getting in my car to go to the local pet shop to have a look at their cages (I'm getting addicted; sadly they had no new delivery).

I was getting ready to de-ice the car (as Mr Frost is in full swing here in Ireland) and there on the lawn was a poor bird frozen to death. I expect it was a sparrow. We have power lines run across the house and I think it may have been sitting on that - it's poor feet were frozen in standing position.

I got some gloves and lifted the bird to see if there was ANY sign of life that I may be able to gently warm it and revive it but sadly I was too late. I felt so terrible that there were no "bird family" to come and claim his body - so I turned the car off and took the time to provide him with an apt burial.

I couldn't help but think how lucky Belle and Olaf are with their extra treats and free-flight room but most of all heat.

At this FREEZING time of year it's still especially important to provide wild bird seed and fresh water in the garden. It's so much more difficult for birds to find food in this frost/snow so please please take a second to think of the birds OUTSIDE of our cages and give them some food; while it won't protect them from the terrible fate that befell my wild friend today; it'll certainly help them nip in and out of the nests alot quicker!

I know people love putting bird seed out at summer/spring to invite lovely birds into their summer garden - but we can provide this luxury all year round! So next time you're in grabbing your millet for your little ones - grab a bag of wild bird seed and feeder!

Anyway - this post is in memory of my wild friend today who is with all the other birds that are paid tribute to here in this section of the forum. May he fly high in unity with all our loved ones. xx

dsavino 12-29-2014 06:24 PM

So sorry to hear about the death of the little sparrow. God bless you Matthew for caring and taking the time to bury the poor little sparrow. Thank you for the reminder to help our wild feathered friends when the weather is cold and harsh. Blessings!

Jonah 12-29-2014 06:38 PM

Good point Matt....unfortunately, us human's often destroy habitat that would provide carryover food for the sparse winter times. I applaud those who spend a little money, and time to keep a feeder full for area wild bird's...:)

Jo Ann 12-29-2014 09:48 PM

We try to provide as much natural cover and berries/seed on shrubs because unfortunately we have a red tail hawk family that will often sit right on top of one of our feeder stands waiting for our song birds to come by. they have to eat too so We just try to not make it so easy for the big hawks. there are plenty of rats to eat around here. Any time I see a wild creature succumb to mans mad dash to dig the biggest hole or build the biggest structure to dwarf our trees a little part of my soul cries. Bless the little wild birds to find comfort in bad weather and fly high little ones who pass on . JO Ann :budge::budge:

Frostie 12-30-2014 06:26 AM

Poor bird, this is why I hate cold weather, I do have feeders & a bird table in the back garden & put fresh seed out daily but the only birds I see using them are the pigeons, tried different seed mixtures but that's all the birds I tend to see using the feeders.

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