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Minties 01-16-2015 06:05 AM

I'm a new bird owner and I just found my friend dead.. She seemed fine all day, after I dampened a towel and tried to wipe poop off of her she seemed really, really sleepy and fell asleep on top of me for a bit. It was her normal bed time so I didn't think anything of it and I put her back in her cage. I fell asleep for a few hours and woke up around 2 and heard her flapping around and a few chirps but I thought it was just her waking up. After not hearing anything after that I went to go check on her and she was dead in her food bowl...Being a new owner this has been such a sad experience. I've had her less then 20 days and I truly feel like it's my fault. Since I got her from petco she had a 30 day warranty incase something went "exchange" her for a new one..But im not sure If I want to try again with a different bird. She just started letting me give her head rubs and sat on my shoulder and snuggled with me...I'm so sad... I posted something not even a few days ago because she looked like she had something stuck in her nail and I was so worried about her...:( has anyone had something like this happen..? i feel like such an awful owner..

Zeena 01-16-2015 06:42 AM

Oh Trisha! I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your new friend :(
Please do not blame yourself. It is very difficult to pinpoint exactly what happened, especially since you've had her for such a short period of time.
Budgies hide their illnesses REALLY well. She could have already been sick when you bought her and deteriorated quickly. Either way, it is NOT your fault.
I'm sure you gave her the best possible care and love than she would have ever received at Petco :hug:

R.I.P little one. Fly free over rainbow bridge.

kcladyz 01-16-2015 06:49 AM

Just because she was from petco does not mean she was sick because of that. My birds are from petco and they are fine. I am sorry for your loss. I am glad she was in a good home rather than in the pet store. Do not be afraid to get another budgie. Sometimes it's just meant to be. The fact she was getting so friendly so fast is a good indication you gave her a good life. Just give yourself time to grieve. I know how you feel. One of my budgies died in my hand last thanksgiving and can relate

Minties 01-16-2015 07:19 AM

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Thank you so much for the support. I was almost scared to say anything because I feel so bad about whatever happened to her. Heres a picture from the same day she died.. she was such a tiny thing... i miss her so much already.

nuxi 01-16-2015 07:27 AM

Trisha,I'm sorry for your loss!:( Please don't blame yourself. I'm sure it wasn't your fault. As Heidi already wrote: Don't be afraid to get another budgie when you feel ready for a new one.

TheBoysMom 01-16-2015 09:55 AM

Please don't beat yourself up over this. You shouldn't feel guilty at all.

You baby could have been born sick and it most likely had nothing to do with where your purchased your budgie. Whether it was Petco or a breeder she could have came to your home already not well and you had no way of knowing.

If Petco offered you a replacement I would not hesitate about going and picking out new baby. All of my budgies came from Petsmart and I would have any reservations about going there and picking out a new baby. You did everything you could do to make sure she was taken care of.

FlightFox 01-16-2015 10:12 AM

I am so sorry for your loss, I know how devastating losing a friend can be. Don't blame yourself it wasn't your fault. I agree with everyone else about not being afraid to try again, if not with petco than maybe a local breeder? (although I would be sure to get my money back from petco and tell them what happened whatever you deiced to do)

sunnydyazz 01-16-2015 12:06 PM

You've had a bitter experience in the beginning sorry to hear about this incident. You can go in for another budgie but please first read some articles on budgie behaviour when they are ill or have some sort of sickness. That way you'll be somewhat experienced to tackle the situation. Also get a check up done with an avian vet of your new bird...just to be sure everything's all right.
And don't be in a dilemma for your new companion....Get it.
May the departed bird REST IN PEACE. :budgie:

eduardo 01-16-2015 02:32 PM

The fact that Petco offers a replacement in case your bird dies within a month tells you that even they recognize that birds simply get sick sometimes without exhibiting symptoms for a while. I really don't think it's your fault. Who knows what was wrong with your bird initially; things like that happen.
I know you're sad, but I would take advantage of their offer and get another bird.
Things you can watch for with your next one though - if the bird is fluffy every day, inactive, not eating etc. Those are the signs of illness.

Frannaz 01-16-2015 04:11 PM

I am so sorry to hear about your bird. Please don't feel bad - it unfortunately happens. One of my friends had a budgie for only a few months and someone I met in my local pet shop had one for 3 weeks before it died. It is hard when it is your first bird, but your little pal taught you a lot and it looks like you had a lovely bond with her.
When you feel ready for another budgie / budgies you will know. I left it 8 months after my first budgie died. Now I have 2 and they are fab. But I never forget the first one - she introduced to the wonder and joy of budgies.
Best wishes.

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