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MascaraRabbit 08-01-2015 06:10 PM

Freja has passed.
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Hello everyone,

Please excuse my absence for a while from the forum. I lost Freja about 2 weeks ago and have been heartbroken since. I knew when I adopted her that she had some neurological issues but I didnít know that they would be what overcame her. Her death was very fast (like most birds I assume) and without pain my vet assured me. It just isnít easy losing something or anyone that you love so much and that you put so much time and effort and heart into. She quickly grew to be my most favorite little quirky bird and Iím just grateful and happy that it was I to have raised her and to have known her. Anyway, I figured I owed an explanation for my absence and another as to why you all will never see any more pictures of the cutie.

The lovely Frey-bear :

jrook 08-01-2015 06:44 PM

I'm so sorry she has gone. It is so hard to lose a friend. Warm thoughts to you at this sad time.

Jonah 08-01-2015 06:59 PM

Sorry she has gone so soon, prayers for your heartache...:hug:

wwdragon 08-01-2015 07:04 PM

I am so sorry she has passed, just remember the fun times with her quirky self and know she is by the rainbow bridge, free from pain and playing with her new flock, waiting for that one day.... you will meet up again.

Fly high and free Freja <3


FaeryBee 08-01-2015 09:25 PM

I'm so sorry for your loss of Freya. :hug:
I thought of you with love today,
but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday,
and days before that too.
I think of you in silence,
I often speak your name.
All I have are memories
and a picture in a frame.
Your memory is a keepsake,
with which I'll never part.
God has you in His keeping,
I have you in my heart.
~Author Unknown
Fly high and free sweet Freya; rest peacefully little girl.

Budget baby 08-01-2015 09:59 PM

Freya was too special for we here, so she has gone to the Angel flock where she will be absolutely in her glory. I am truly sorry she has left your hands but she has left a small part of herself for you to recall and smile once more. It does hurt but time will help, you will appreciate those lovely pictures of her once more soon. Fly high and Free Freya ,may you always be happy. Hugs to you you did a wonderful job of caring for her whilst she was here.

StarlingWings 08-01-2015 11:24 PM

Nadia, I'm unendingly sorry your little one has gone.
Freja was a beautiful little budgie and I know that the stars will have gained a bright angel in their midst.

Although she left so soon, she will never be forgotten, just as she will never forget the love and care you gave her during her short life.

Fly high over the Rainbow Bridge and may the wind be under your wings, Freja.

Hugs to you, I can't imagine how you feel :hug:

RavensGryf 08-02-2015 12:47 AM

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear of your loss of Freja :(. In time, you will be left with beautiful memories Nadia. Right now it is such a difficult thing to have to go through :hug:

Niamhf 08-02-2015 02:26 AM

I'm so sorry for your loss of Freja. RIP little budgie, no more suffering. :hug:

nuxi 08-02-2015 03:30 AM

I'm sorry for your loss!:hug:


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