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niteowl 09-26-2018 06:27 PM

In Memory of My Little Kiwi
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My Little Kiwi

I would like to share a few memories about Kiwi and a bit about her last days with us. I needed some time, since this has really been hard on me.

Kiwi was strong. Sick since mid August, Kiwi fought to be with us for an entire month. It was really hard to watch such deterioration in such a beautiful bird with so much life. I tried so hard to save Kiwi and Kiwi tried so hard to be with us. However, on September 16th I had to make a decision, to take Kiwi to the animal hospital and allow Kiwi to finally rest. That morning, her condition drastically took a turn for the worst. Even though it was getting bad, I had this little hope Kiwi would pull through. That maybe, everything would be okay. But that came to an end that morning. I won't go into details since its something I would't wish upon any one to have to witness, but will say, she was suffering. I never thought I would have to make that decision. We comforted her as much as we could, played her favorite songs, and showed her pictures of Birdie since there was no chance of them saying goodbye to each other, and told her how much she was loved. We also planted a perennial in the garden that only blooms one flower in fall in her memory.

Some of My Favorite Memories
We got Kiwi when she was very young (before she lost her baby bars). From day 1, Kiwi had so much energy, was so curious about everything and had such a playful nature about her. She loved carrots, loved shredding toys and swings, loved showers, and loved to sing and squawk.

Olympic Rings
Her favorite toy was the Olympic rings. At first, she would slam them against the cage wall. Then one day, she discovered she could climb them and go through the hoops. After that, she would 'have' to go through the hoops to get to perch. Every time.

Breakfast Time
First thing in the morning when I would prepare there food, Kiwi would tell me to hurry up with the food by jumping on the cage door and chirping. So much personality.

Kiwi's Song
She loved country music. And so every night, I would play Paul Brandts "i do" song and sing it to her, and replace "baby" with "Kiwi" .

Kiwi's Best Friend
She also brought out the best in Birdie. After 30 days of quarantine, and a few weeks of slow introductions, they became instant best friends. I even recorded the first time they met each other outside the cage. From that day on, they did EVERYTHING together. Birdie began to eat pellets and carrots, started to play with toys, all firsts for Birdie after months of trying. And with Kiwi's encouragement, they started to explore the world beyond the cage. Kiwi also taught Birdie how to flip cups and squawk.

My Little Kiwi

Kiwi, I promise to be your best friend
And, I'll be here until the end
Can I be sure I have been waiting for you
Did I say, my love is true
I will
I am
I have
I do

Blingy 09-26-2018 07:28 PM

That's a beautiful tribute and very heartfelt. Kiwi was obviously a very special little budgie and she's left you with precious memories that are yours forever. I hope you and Birdie are doing ok.

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FaeryBee 09-26-2018 08:26 PM

Beautiful tribute to your darling Kiwi. :hug:
You have my deepest sympathy for your loss.

I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too.
I think of you in silence. I often speak your name.
Now all I have is memories, and your picture in a frame.
Your memory is my keepsake, with which I’ll never part.
God has you in his keeping.
I have you in my heart.

~Author Unknown

Fly high and soar freely sweet Kiwi; rest peacefully now beautiful girl.

justmoira 09-26-2018 08:55 PM

I'm so sorry for your loss of Kiwi

StarlingWings 09-26-2018 11:22 PM

What a moving tribute to your precious little girl :hug:

She obviously was so loved during her time with you! Now she's watching over you always.

Rest in peace, darling Kiwi. Fly high among the stars. :wild:

My thoughts are with you and the rest of your family/flock :hug:

Cody 09-27-2018 02:16 PM

Lovely tribute, so sorry for your loss.

Hunterkat 09-27-2018 03:56 PM

A beautiful tribute to a very well loved budgie. Rest in peace Kiwi

RavensGryf 09-28-2018 11:51 AM

I’m so sorry for the loss of your precious Kiwi. It’s evident how much you loved and cared for her. Sending comfort to you and Birdie. :hug:

Piyush 10-01-2018 03:33 AM

I am so sorry for your loss. Stay strong with Birdie. Keep Kiwi in your memories, right next to you.

sweettreat 10-02-2018 03:36 PM

I am so sorry to hear of Kiwi's passing. She was well cared for budgie. It's hard not to blame yourself. It sounds like you did everything the right way.
My heart goes out to you and Birdie.

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