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In Memory Tributes and Memorials to Budgies which have moved on to the Rainbow Bridge

Closed Thread
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Old 08-08-2020, 09:11 AM
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MichaelGP (Michael)
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I Got Pikachu for my Birthday JANUARY 29, 2013. 1st Budgie I got after moving to Aberdeen Washington in 2007. From Sacramento California. When I used to have them before. In JUNE and JULY the 7 years and 7 Months never seemed, that anything was going to threaten her life. She has been with me with other Budgies in this time. In 2013 of OCTOBER ( 10 Months having just Pikachu) I was having Kidney Failure and went to ER. Then they sent me 53 miles away to Olympia Washington and kept me their for 5 days. I was very disturbed that Pikachu being by herself all this time. I Wanted to get back and see her well. When JANUARY 2014 came, I decided getting another Budgie and it was Frosty Nancy. Following year, she Past Away with a Respiratory Disease. In the meantime I got a 3rd Bird Eerwwee AUGUST 2015. In late MAY 2016 I wanted another 3rd Bird (Frosty Nancy Passed Away) He was more going and called him Night Wing Ronnie. They have been healthy and having a time of their lives with me. Pikachu being Female never laid eggs. As if she never could get fertil and do so. Being in 2020 (I can only assume) Night Wing Ronnie got really romantic with Pikachu. He was increasing his kissing by regurgitating his crop and Pikachu was eating and swallowing his crop. For Months in this year. Only after the 4th of July, did I notice a swollen rump and poop sticking to her rump. I tried cleaning her but when July SATURDAY 11 came it looked not so good. MONDAY 13 I got so concerned, I arranged an afternoon Appointment with a Veterinarian 13 miles away. I had to stay in my vehicle and use my Smartphone to talk because of this COVID-19 PANDEMIC. Hard to know what the Veterinarian Doctor has found or understand over a phone. She had Cancer and gave me a choice. Do I want her to have Surgery? Or let her degrade to her passing? That was shocking and devastating to me. I can't do the surgery. I passed. I was haunted to realize she was going to progress to Passing Away. It was agony for the 3 weeks it progressed in her till she did now Pass Away. 2020 AUGUST TUESDAY 4 at 5:40 in the morning. I am Devastated. Looking for Answers. Was it Ovarian Cancer? Was is the other Bird's Crop? Was she wanting to make an egg but her body went Cancer? She was in Love and it took her away

Some additional information I forgot. Knowing Pikachu was going to Pass away, I got me another new Bird. I think I can distinguish the Bird's gender, by his character (?) I see male behavior in this Bird already and think it is a Male. I've decided to call him Albert. Got him JULY THURSDAY 23 2020. He got to see Pikachu and Pikachu go to see my new Bird before she left me.
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Deeply Missing Pikachu She was Sweet-20200724_064832_1596888436162.jpg   Deeply Missing Pikachu She was Sweet-20200803_005934_1596890831238.jpg  

Last edited by FaeryBee; 08-08-2020 at 11:38 AM.
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