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mychemicalworld 02-07-2010 11:10 AM

Bye bye
my puffer passed away. i dont want to get into details right now.
it was January 27th. i feel so sad and i miss her riding on my shoulder... one of my best memories always <3 :budgie:

CharlieC 02-07-2010 11:28 AM

Sorry to hear your sad news. May Puffer RIP. We're here to help if you need someone. Hope you soon feel better. x

shaz128blue 02-07-2010 11:40 AM

you poor thing- i'm sorry for your loss, the heartache will ease with time but you will never forgot your little sweetie, forever in your memories and thoughts. xxx

Bethany 02-07-2010 11:46 AM

I am very sorry for your loss :(
Rest In Peace, Puffer.

Shy Bird 02-07-2010 12:33 PM

I am so sorry for your loss.I know how you feel.R.I.P Puffer.

Akala 02-07-2010 12:42 PM

Aw, RIP Puffer.

stacey101 02-07-2010 01:05 PM

im so sorry for your loss :(

aka.pody 02-07-2010 02:08 PM

:( I'm so sorry. Please accept my condolences.
Fly high and free Puffer.

demzo13 02-07-2010 03:24 PM

Sorry to hear about your loss... Loosing a budgie is like loosing a family member...Hope everything gets better through these tough times

blackberry85 02-07-2010 03:27 PM

I'm so sorry to hear about Puffer, my deepest condolences! I hope you get feeling better soon and can look back on her memory fondly when the pain eases up. We are here for you if you need anything!

RIP Puffer, fly high and free!!!

louara 02-08-2010 11:24 AM

I am so sorry. Please accept my condolences.
May Puffer rest in peace.

mychemicalworld 02-22-2010 07:26 PM

thank you all :| <3
today we were riding in the highway and we saw some geese flying in a flock and i could'nt help it, tears came to my eyes. its really hard and the ache hurts real bad and im not to go moan to my family cuz im not like that :P so i was like trying to hide the tears :P and it just shows how much they mean to you <33 thank you again :L

birdlover4life 02-22-2010 08:53 PM

RIP Puffer, you will be forever missed.

pal0m1n0 02-22-2010 11:43 PM

I am so sorry, my condolences.

mychemicalworld 02-24-2010 06:10 PM

thanks again :)
you guys are making this easier..

Iota's Mom 02-25-2010 11:47 AM

I am sorry for your loss of Puffer - fly high little one!

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