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Fuzzy 12-15-2010 07:35 PM

R.I.P Charlie (Passed away 7 months ago)
Our little jolly Charlie passed away on the 17th May 2010.. At the age of 1 year and 11 month."Charlie the chatting budgie" (Clue in the name) Talked!
Charlie was a great talker and could play for hours on end. He was completely normal on that morning (He had just had rough malt), my mum noticed he had been sick on the dining room chair and sat on the chair for ages.. So my mum took him to his cage (My mum was Charlies best friend) he sat on his perch in his cage for a few hours has he got more poorley, we had to phone the vets.
The vets told us tommorow morning, but obvis that was too late we had to have him in now! After half n hour at the vets they came home saying he had an injection and he did not squeal or bite as if he had no life in him.

15 Minutes later...
Charlie the chatting budgie layed down and passed away in my dads hands and monday teatime.

.....On the bright side,
Our Pepe (1st Budgie) and Charlie will be missed but we have to look on the bright side we now have a little female "nutter" :eek:called Joey, She chews everything and loves getting her own way!
Joey is nearly 7 month old...

On my 1st budgie Pepe... :budgie:
Pepe was six year old when he died (Average age for a budgie) When he died we knew it was normal, it was just sad to see him in the cornor of his cage lifeless, The two loved budgies now lie in my garden under a pink blossom tree.
Picture of Charlie posing..
Picture of Charlie on my Knee

rockybudgeboa 12-16-2010 09:14 PM

I am so sorry HUGS

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