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Budgiebreeder11 01-16-2013 09:03 PM

Eddy and Aura's chicks mutations
Just wanted to get a second pair of eyes on the chicks color mutations.

Male Eddy
Normal, dark green /Split for cinnamon, ino and blue

Female Aura
Cinnamon, grey

And here are the chicks

My guesses...
Top left Normal, Cobalt, single factor violet male
Middle left cinnamon, dark green, pied spot male
Bottom left cinnamon, olive green or single factor violet male
Middle Cinnamon, cobalt, single factor violet female
Top right Cinnamon, dark green, pied spot male
Bottom right normal, cobalt, single factor grey, pied spot male

I would like to know the chicks color mutations and where they got their color from. Thanks:)

theasset 01-16-2013 10:12 PM

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I think you've got them all right. The only one I was unsure about is the bottom left chick. At first I thought he was grey green, but it looks like his tail feathers are blue. Mom must be masking 2 dark factors to get all cobalts, dark greens and an olive.

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