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Renae. 03-08-2013 02:48 AM

What mutations are each of these 7 Budgies?
Hi guys, I know I havenít posted in awhile/rarely post, but we (well, actually my mum more-so) took in 7 rehome Budgies this morning. They are of course in quarantine, and go to the Avian Vet on Monday, and then I will send away blood from each Budgie for disease testing after they have been to the AVís. :)

So, here is a photo of each of the 7 Budgies, sorry not the best, but I would be happy with even a guess.

Budgie #1:


Budgie #2:


Budgie #3:


Budgie #4:


Budgie #5:


Budgie #6:


Budgie #7:


Also, can anyone tell me for each one if they are English or American? I feel so stupid asking, haha! :hammer:

intoxxication 03-08-2013 07:27 AM

Ohmygosh, I want #1 sooooo badly!
Anyway, here are my assumptions.

#1 Cinnamon sky blue opaline
#2 Sky blue opaline, possibly cobalt
#3 Cobalt opaline
#4 Dominant pied sky blue
#5 Normal mauve. The patches through the head bars make me wonder whether it is split to pied.
#6 Is the face yellow or does it just look that way to me? If it is, Yellowface I Cobalt.
#7 Skyblue recessive pied

vinay 03-08-2013 10:17 AM

i agree with all of the above except for number 4 which I think is a dominant pied sky blue opaline cinnamon and number 6 which I think is opaline along with being yellowface 1 cobalt.

Renae. 03-09-2013 01:37 AM

Thank you both. :) My mum loves #1 too, (s)he is very friendly, and quite tame.

SunnysGang 03-09-2013 08:58 AM

I am useless when it comes to mutations, but if you want to fly #1 over to Canada to me, I wouldn't say no! :D

JBugDragon 03-10-2013 05:06 PM

My gosh! You have no idea how jealous I am right now!
1) Sky Blue Cinnamon Opaline Male, maybe a mix between Am. and En.? 4-5 months old.
2) Sky Blue Opaline, I'd say somehow in between Cobalt and Sky,actually. Unsure of gender. 4-5 months old. Not sure of origin.
3) SF Vio. Opaline Sky Blue, maybe Brownwing, a strange mutation involving a coffee brown color of the markings that is darker than cinnamon and isn't black or grey. This one is around 4-5 months, also.
4) SF Vio. Cinnamon Opaline Sky Blue Dom. Pied Crested. Super jealous of this one! Unsure of gender, but is the same age as the others.
5) SF Vio. Cobalt Opaline SFP (Split for Pied), I see brown and black markings, unsure of cinnamon, may be cinnamon and not greatly visual. Same age. Unsure of gender.
6) Yellow Face type 1 Cobalt Opaline Male, same age as others.
7) Maybe DF Dom. Pied or Rec. Pied Sky Blue
Hope I was of assistance!

BirdCrazyJill 03-10-2013 06:21 PM

They are so stunning! :loveeyes:

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