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Nadley 06-29-2013 03:37 PM

Did I guess right? :)
So I really don't know much about budgie mutations, but I've been looking at Lindsey's helpful guide and thought I'd try to figure out my two budgies' coloring. Since I just got some pictures uploaded, I wanted to see if I was right about the mutations.



I'm pretty sure Tweety is a sky blue opaline. I'm guessing Lemon is a double factor dominant pied, but possibly with something else that makes his head and neck markings so light. Can anyone let me know if I'm right or way off base?

Feline Ferocity 06-29-2013 03:46 PM

you are right about Tweety, as for Lemon, i'm really not sure hehe.

beautiful fids tho!:D

LittleFeatheredFriends 07-01-2013 02:28 AM

Tweety is definitely Sky Blue Opaline, and I think Lemon is Light Green double factor Dominant Pied Greywing. :)

Nadley 07-01-2013 02:11 PM

Thank you! :D

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