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chirper 02-01-2015 10:51 AM

Marking on chest
Normal baby budgie with marking on chest and darker colour on rump is this because of excessive melanin or what?

FlightFox 02-01-2015 01:27 PM

I have no idea but it looks really cool. The little guy is super cute too

chirper 02-01-2015 03:15 PM

Thanks Alisha

Jonah 02-01-2015 05:01 PM

Wow...he is unique looking. I will be interested in hearing some answer's to this myself....what a pretty little guy...:)

chirper 02-01-2015 10:32 PM

Thank you Randy

Jonah 02-01-2015 10:38 PM

Your welcome my friend. I would love to see Lindsey weigh in on this little guy...:)

tonic 02-02-2015 02:17 AM

I would say yes to extra melanin causing some nice special barring. I imagine it will moult out but wouldn't it be a neat thing to have it stay and have a budgie with barring on its front?!

As far as the rump goes, is it dramatically darker body colour or more markings? Often budgies have darker colour on their rump so it may just be that?

chirper 02-02-2015 10:22 AM

Thanks Toni for your confirmation I desperately wish these barring's to stay after moult.

CuteLittleBirdies 02-02-2015 10:42 AM

The babies I have had with barring like this always lost it after their first molt unfortunately. I had always assumed it was excess melanin as well :)

chirper 02-02-2015 11:05 AM

Thank you Lindsey

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