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Brown9944 10-11-2008 01:53 AM

Guide on the Pied mutations
Hey, I was just pondering writing an explanantion on the pied varieties of budgies, but I don't know EVERYTHING about them and probably have some of my facts wrong. So, I'll write (what I think) I know and other people can correct me and add on :).

It is harder to figure out the sex of a pied mutation as thier ceres do not turn the normal brown or blue. Usually, the female has a pinkish-cere and a kind of white ring around the nostrils. The males usually have more purple-y ceres.

The pied variety NEVER develop iris rings. Thier eyes stay the same, cute, full black from birth.

When breeding the pied mutation skips a generation, so the chicks will not be pied but the "grand-chicks" may be (I think...not entierly sure about this one)

I think that there are only two pied varieties (Dominant and Recessive). I am not sure about this on either :rolleyes:.

The colours can vary from Green, blue, white and "yellow" (I think :o)

So anyone else want to add/ correct me, feel free :D!

nev90 10-11-2008 06:16 AM

There are 3 basic pied types: Recessive Pied, Dominant Pied and Clearflight pied. They come in all colours and the mutations can combine with each other or with most other mutations.

Recessive pieds have random clear areas, they don't develop an iris ring and the males ceres stay pink all their lives. Their inheritance is the same as all other recessive mutations, the gene must be inherited from both parents and it can be carried in a hidden form (as a split)

Dominant pieds are also known as Australian banded pieds, they have clear flight feathers and a clear area across their fronts and on the back of their heads. They do develop iris rings and the male's cere will go blue when he is mature. A double factor dominant pied is mostly clear white or yellow with only a few patches of colour and a few bars on it's back. They are dominant in their breeding pattern so the gene only needs to come from one parent and it cannot be carried in a hidden form.

Clearflight pieds are also known as Continental or Dutch pieds. They are very similar to the dominant pied in appearance but they are are totally different mutation. The main difference in their appearance is that they don't have the band across the front, some have a few small clear areas on their chests and others have none. They have clear flight feathers, a clear patch on the back of their heads and usually clear primary tail feathers. Double factor clearflight pieds look the same as single factor clearflight pieds. Their breeding pattern is dominant the same as dominant pieds

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